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25 Best Cool Digital Watches for Men in 2022

If you’re mostly concerned about buying a cool and time-conserving watch, just look at digital watches for men and women. While the cool digital watches are substituted by the mobile phone as the principal way that most people tell the time, timepieces have changed with the time. The digital watch nowadays leaves nothing to be desired with several variants, including GPS and Bluetooth components, LCDs and non-push buttons, water, and weather-resistant shields, and more refined designs. Indeed, from outdoor enthusiasts to business people, a digital watch with an equally broad budget range is available for all lifestyles and looks.

The design and the personality of the watch bearing it should reflect a watch. Therefore, your choice of a watch slightly reflects on how others see you. Let’s look at the 25 finest cool digital watches we can locate, with that in mind.

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1. Casio G-Shock GA-100 Military Series Cool Digital Watches

New coloring models emerge from the G-SHOCK watch brand, which continuously sets new timekeeping standards. Bicolor molding enables the creation of a new band type for internal and external surfaces with varied colors. The color of the inside surface is apparent for an original look on the side of the belt and via the belt holes. The militant motive of these models is underlined by their coloration that mimics a flying jacket’s inner lining. The base model is an analog-digital anti-magnet GA-100 mixer, which can be used in black, blue, orange, white, and beige in five variants.

Casio G-Shock Ga-100 Military Series Sand


  • Waterproof to 200 meters with auto LED light and afterglow
  • There are four daily alarms, one snooze alarm, and an hourly time signal.
  • Time measurement modes include elapsed time, lap time, and split time.
  • Others: Countdown Timer, Selection Distance Input (0.0-99.9), Speed (0-1998 units/hour).
  • Magnetic Resistant and Shock Resistant
  • World Time includes 29 time zones (48 cities + UTC), daylight saving time on/off, and time-shifting between the home city and world time.

Why Should You Buy:

Casio has included a few additional unusual options on this list, as the entry-level of the G-Shock. However, when you want a digital hard-core watch that will not build your bank account but works like a Trojan, you will please to have anything in the wonderful G-Shock line. Choose the one that fits your budget and style.

2. Timex T80 x PAC-MAN Gold SS Cool Digital Watches

Timex is now introducing a unique T80 version with the PAC-MAN on the watch’s face to honor these two icons of this era and the 40th anniversary of PAC-MAN. These cool digital watches include everything functionality you would expect from a T80 including an alarm, stopwatch, and calendar display but is also a throwback flavor that plays the legendary PAC-MAN theme. The 1980s phoned, really, twice, but these timepieces are not returned.

Timex T80 X Pac-Man Digital Gold Ss


  • Clasp/buckle: Clasp (Self-Adjust)
  • Case Shape: Square
  • Finish: Polished
  • Strap: 18 mm and Height: 10 mm
  • Material: Resin
  • Width: 34 mm
  • Acrylic crystal/lens; digital watch movement
  • Display of the Month, Day, and Date daily
  • The INDIGLO Night-Light features a digital Chronograph that measures 1/100 seconds.
  • 30 meters of water resistance

Why You Should Buy

The T80 cool digital watches, like an alarm, stopwatch, and calendar display, also play the renowned PAC-MAN theme and have a retro-flair to repair. Tap a button to illuminate the time with Indiglo, an emblem of our own that fits this collection well.

3. Sonata Cool Digital Watches- Grey Dial Men’s WatchNM7982PP04

On quality, the Tata group never compromises. Therefore, you can be confident these Sonata cool digital watches meet your standards for quality. It has a synthetic black band, a classic rubber band, and a blue rim. It has a very young and appealing appearance. This Amazon watch is also the choice, being waterproof and lightweight. It is set to alarm, date and month, and can be used daily.

Sonata Digital Grey Dial Men'S Watch -Nm7982Pp04


  • Band Color: Black, Band
  • Dial Color: Grey, Case Shape: Asymmetrical
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Watch Movement Type: Quartz, Watch Display Type: Digital
  • Water Resistance Depth: 30 meters
  • 6 Months Warranty

Why You Should Buy

This sonata horloge cool digital watch has been designed to be very robust and beautiful. The material is hard plastic. Heat, rust, and corrosion resistance. In fitness, in adventure, and on vacation, this outfit will look wonderful. You can also bring it over a cup of coffee on a casual excursion with pals. The lizard also includes a simple chronograph alarm and has equipped with a bright green backlight to make visibility easier in the dark.

4. Qlocktwo W 39mm Steel Dark Blue Cool Digital Watches

Biegert & Funk cool digital watches are displaying a new type of wrist clock that shows neither hands nor digits. The design is simple and precise, the shape is reduced to the essential. The brushed, premium square inox case is 39 x 39 mm long. A grid of 110 letters is found in a square. When the stainless-steel button is pressed, it lights up in unexpected locations with phrases describing the time. It’s a fresh experience every time you glance at your Qlocktwo Watch.

Qlocktwo W 39Mm Steel Dark Blue


  • Box size: 39 mm, the high quality brushed square box is 39 x 39 mm
  • A consistent grid of 110 letters is on the square watch face.
  • The design is simple and accurate
  • Box Material: Eddy Steel
  • Quartz strap Movement:
  • Material: Original Leder
  • Strap material: true leather strap material

Why You Should Buy

Biegert & Funk cool digital watches are the unique type of bracelet that has neither hands nor digits to display the time. Also, the time is shown as legible language on this purist watch, converting it into an affirmation: “It’s half-past nine.” The square watch face now features a 110-letter consistent grid.

5. Timex Boost Digital Orange Black Cool Digital Watches

Life may be unpleasant on your watch, even if nothing shocks you. That is why we have created Boost with ISO shockproof requirements with unique digital technology and a quick-release strap of soft orange silicone rubber. The oversized black orange casing protects digital timers, alarms, and our INDIGLO light by water resistance up to 200 meters.

Timex Boost Digital Orange Black


  • Fast-release strap with adjustable orange 20 mm silicone suited to the 8-inch wrist circumference
  • Shock resistant to I.S.O. Standards; 50-lap memory chronograph; 3 configurable alarms;
  • Two time zones. Day, date, and calendar month: 24-hour military time mode.
  • 47 mm of orange resin square box; glass mineral lens; negative screen.
  • Sports Stopwatch with 50 Lap of memory Shock resistant, Soft Silicone Rubber Strap
  • 200 Meter waterproof and INDIGLO® light up clock 

Why You Should Buy

This famous endurance is demonstrated by the Timex Command Collection. This collection has been developed to suit your lifestyle, shock-resistant and at least 100 meters water-resistant. In 64 main urban centers across the world, the big display is simple to read and the technology of Timex World time offers time zone.

6. Casio G-Shock G-Lide Tidal Connected GBX100-1 Black Silver

The latest versions of these beautiful cool digital watches have the option of displaying the information that surfers want (high tides and low tide timings and levels), and of using a phone application to pick one of roughly 3,300 sites worldwide. The large face and HDMP LCD enhance the readability of basic features such as Tide Graph, Moon Data, tide and tide timings, and dawn and sunset times for the visual displays of MIP (Memory in Pixel).

Casio G-Shock G-Lide Tidal Connected Gbx100-1 Black Silver


  • Mineral glass and resistant to shock
  • Water resistance of 200 meters
  • Auto light switch. LED backlight (Superlight).
  • Mobile connection (Bluetooth® Wireless Link)
  • Data Training (Up to 100 runs, up to 140 lap times per run) Time, distance, pace, burnt calories
  • Data for Life Log
  • Monthly representation of the daily data (step count) (running distance)
  • Creation of user profile and mode flight
  • Data for the Moon (moon age of the specific date, moon phase)

Why You Should Buy

These cool digital watch models have advancements in the design, construction, and materials for you as well as strong functionality. The gorgeous bezels of these models are constructed of plastic and metal to better resist the effects of the pebbles underwater. Also, there are slits to help drain water and perspiration at the end of the soft urethane band at 6 o’clock.

7. Timex T80 Silver SS Cool Digital Watches

These T80 cool digital watches are the reverse of the decade that brought us great hair, great music, and great hopes. It is also a tribute to our early digital reloaders, some of the first on the market. We are delighted to reintroduce the T80 for a new generation to celebrate these early hits – a watch that is both an elegant adornment and a significant retail appliance.

Timex T80 Digital Silver Ss


  • Breakage: 34 mm; Material case: resin.
  • Colour: Buckle/Clasp: Clasp: Silver-Tonus (Self-Adjust)
  • Case Color: Silver-tone, Case finish: Polished;
  • Size: Full Size; Acrylic Crystal / Objective
  • Digital dial color and Digital dial markings.
  • Digital watch; 30 meters of water resistance
  • Night-Light INDIGLO®

Why You Should Buy

Since 1854, Timex thought it’s as essential how you produce anything as what you do. The colorful retro design includes a calendar display, a stopwatch, and an alarm into something good no matter where you travel. Rock your T80 on an extension band, a bracelet, or even a bracelet – so long as you rock it.

8. Vestal BRG023 Brig Tide & Train Magenta Cool Digital Watches

In the Brig Watch, Vestal gives you Jordy Smith as a pro surfer a premium tidal and train watch. Follow the trend worldwide at more than 200 beaches by utilizing The Brig Tide & Train, the current tide level digitally. Track your training easily by using the individual Vestal training mode with an interval timer and the countdown heat mode for surfing heats such as Jordy. You can also track your training.

Vestal Brg023 Brig Tide &Amp; Train Magenta


  • Width of the plastic-wrapped in the polyurethane: 44 mm
  • BAND: 24 mm Polyurethane wide.
  • Screw Down of Stainless-Steel Stainless Steel
  • CRYSTAL: Polycarbonate hardened
  • Customized Digital Tide / Train MOVEMENT
  • WRIST: medium, train fashion, heat fashion, alarm fashion, fashion future tide
  • T1 & T2 time tracking Customizable Beach Setting
  • Water-resistant, 10 ATM / 100 m. Unibody Pu.
  • Heavy-duty, screw-down case back of infinite steel

Why You Should Buy

These gorgeous square surfing cool digital watches have a tide monitor with a “suffer and recover” interval timepiece, for more than 200 beaches around the world, a digital tide diagram, and customized instruction. The polyurethane watch strap has the OKTOLOCK system and technology from Vestal to keep the watch secure on your wrist and breathable and lightweight.

9. Diesel DZ4550 Mega Chief Ana-Digi Blue Cool Digital Watches

Diesel does not follow trends: it creates them, bold, sarcastic, and never bashful. A Diesel watch is a physical transformation of the Diesel approach, but with a strong mechanical touch takes a clash of many languages and materials. The Diesel Master Chief Watch offers maximum attitude and edge with a vivid, multicolored face and robust black leather band. This watch has a box of 45 mm, band-width 28 mm, mineral crystal, 3-hand analog display Quartz movement, imported.

Diesel Dz4550 Mega Chief Ana-Digi Blue


  • Box material: Edelstahl
  • Finishing case: mat
  • Size of case: 51 (WxH)
  • Box spacing: 14MM
  • Material attachment: silicone, nylon.
  • Type: Black, Blue Type
  • Color dial: Blue
  • Robust water: 10 ATM
  • ANADIGI Movement

Why You Should Buy

This beautiful watch’s high-quality leather is renowned to look excellent over time and being lightweight. These cool digital watches may be used to bathe, swim or snorkel and divinely shallow up to 100m. Here also a quartz crystal oscillates if a current is introduced to the quartz crystal. Finally, with stopwatch features, you can trust this multifunctional watch.

10. Ziiiro Saturn Black Cool Digital Watches

Presentation of the future. The unusual digital display of Saturn travels through time and spreads across dark parts hour and minute. The time may be decoded from the 12-segment external ring and 60-segment interior ring. This modern item has a matt rubber and 24mm rubber mesh strap in rubber steel. Displayed in 3 Black, Gunmetal, and Chrome colors.

Ziiiro Saturn Black


  • Case: PVD in matte Black and Gunmetal case of Stainless Steel (physical vapor deposition)
  • Case Back: Matte Steel Snap box with PVD in matt Black and Gunmetal (Physical Vapor Deposition).
  • Different indicators: 12 hours and 60 minutes
  • Strap: Chrome/PVD matte Black and Gunmetal (Physical vapor deposition).
  • Electroluminescence Light button: 2h Position Backlight: Yes.
  • Width of the case: 45mm, the thickness of the case: 10.50mm, mesh strap: 23mm to 21mm

Why You Should Buy

In a whole new level of excitement, ZIIIRO cool digital watches take the humdrum act of time-telling. And as I read about the Celeste clock in my review, it’s not simply lovely to look at its distinctive face design, but it is also fun. It is also quite attractive to friends and allegedly foreigners.

11. Diesel DZ1923 Chopped Digital Red

Diesel creates trends: bold, sarcastic, and never bashful. A Diesel watch is a physical transformation of the Diesel approach, but with a strong mechanical touch takes a clash of many languages and materials. A negative display and a red logo-pressed silicone strap highlight this Chopped Uhr. The casing has a 38mm case and is composed of a Nandini movement analog display with 30mm tape width, mineral crystal. The casing with a black dial, rectangular nylon.

Diesel Dz1923 Chopped Digital Red


  • Size of case: 38MM
  • Ana-Digi Movement
  • Material Strap: Silicone.
  • Water resistance: 3 ATM.
  • The color of the case: red
  • Color dial: Black
  • Width of strap: 30MM
  • Closure: Buckle single strip.
  • Circumference inside strap: 190+/- 5MM
  • Type of battery: CR2025

Why You Should Buy

Be ready to be noticed by the crowd with this watch. In a rectangular red nylon casing with a negative screen, these unisex red cool digital watches are enclosed by Diesel House. This is a spectacular appearance. This Cut Series watch features a red silicone strap pushed in the logo, which enhances the watch design.

12. Nixon – Dork Too Cool Digital Watches

Remote-future geeks may be completely pleased that Nixon has opted to follow their Dork watch, the Dork Too! In any dystopian film, the style and finish together with the materials selected to build this digital men’s watch would put it perfectly at home. Perhaps on the wrist of a future astronaut explore the outside regions of the solar system. It would be right at home.

 Nixon - Dork Too Watch


  • Customized LCD module to specify the time with a speaker.
  • The features include the backlit time, date, alert, and EL.
  • Single link bracelet with butterfly clasp closing with 21 mm custom folded stainless steel.
  • Edge to edge crystal Custom LCD.
  • Molded stainless steel casing of 34 mm unique injection
  • Pierced lid and micro-USB loading port stainless steel speaker.

Why You Should Buy

As well as four beautiful finishes, like the silver version above, there is one unique element that sticks out as a talking piece of this watch. Whenever you click the button on the front side of the clock, the Dork Too screams at you. What kind of stuff? Well, maybe to find out, you have to buy it.

13. Braun – Men’s BN0106SLBKG Prestige Digital Watch

A contemporary LCD screen in a robust steel casing is available on the Braun Prestige digital watch. A toggle wheel push button changes operations and configurations. Robust scratch. Rubber bracelet adjustable. In 2012, four product awards from the jury of prominent worldwide design experts were awarded to an excellent idea of the Braun Prestige digital watch. The state-of-the-art technology can be seen in its advanced design that encapsulates the basic values of utility, quality, and aesthetics of Braun.

Braun - Men'S Bn0106Slbkg Prestige Digital Watch


  • Digital, chronograph, and countdown imported, Swiss quartz
  • Perpetual daily calendar of 100 years with 5 languages, 99 feet (30 m) water-resistant: resisted rain and sprinkled water but not washed or immersed.
  • Case Size: 42 mm
  • 30 m (100 ft) waterproof: normally resists splashes and brief water immersion, but not ideal for pooling.

Why You Should Buy

This modern yet resolutely retro-looking Braun cool digital watches include a modern LCD screen with a large digital curve, built inside a hefty stainless-steel casing. You can’t go wrong with this Braun watch for men with a Swiss Quartz digital movement and an amazing 42 mm Bauhaus-style casing.

14. Casio Wsd F20x Protrek Limited Edition Digital Watch

The Casio Smart Watch WSD-F20X Protrek cool digital watches are another digital watch that can be coupled with a smartphone. It’s a limited-edition wristwatch that works with any Android 2.0 device or above. It comes with a digital compass, activity tracker, microphone, altimeter, and barometer, all of which can send their readings to an associated smartphone or smart device for easy access, and it’s waterproof for brief swims or unexpected rain.

Casio Wsd F20X Protrek Limited Edition Digital Watch


  • Sunrise/Sunset time display, global time (city shifting), double LED light (Auto light), resin case and bezel, resin Band
  • Smartphone Link (Bluetooth Connection Compatible), Quad Sensor and Activity Tracker
  • Mineral glass, Direction bezel, 100-meter water resistance, Low-temperature resistance (–10°C/14°f), power saving.
  • Full auto-calendar, world time, 1/100-second stopwatch,
  • Countdown timer, 5 daily alarms, hourly time signal (to the year 2099)

Why You Should Buy

The quad Sensor system makes use of small sensors that allow for compass, altitude/barometer, and temperature measurements to be packed into a small space. Also, you will get calorie calculations that take into account both step count and altitude information, and the software keeps track of upgrades and downgrades.

15. Fossil Machine Chronograph Black Silicone Watch

These Chronograph cool digital watches from Fossil Machine is an economical product with a great cost function. The bit of the chronograph signifies it’s a stopwatch. It contains three sub-dials for hours, minutes, and seconds measurements. This is an elegant item with a silicone strap waterproof. The watch itself is 165 feet water resistant thus it is a wonderful choice for swimmers.

Fossil Machine Chronograph Black Silicone Watch


  • The ideal manly accessory, our machine watch, with its knurled top ring, is over-dimensional, robust, and readily visualized.
  • Size of case: 45MM; the size of tape: 24MM; movement Quartz / Chrono, toughened crystal lens; import
  • Its depth is just 5 ATMs thus whilst diving you shouldn’t wear it.
  • It has a textured bezel with an old-style analog display.
  • Attachment Closure type: Buckle strap; interchangeable with all 24MM Fossil straps; Material/color.

Why Should You Buy:

The beautiful silicone strap of this watch can be swapped for any 24 mm strap as the Fossil line may be supplemented by the watch. Despite its greater size, it is well-made without feeling strong, and the technology is its best feature. Finally, it’s an appealing watch that you’ll be wearing all the time, with a limited warranty guarantee of two years.

16. SUUNTO 9

These cool digital watches are built to last for titanium sports. The outside surface is hard and knock-resistant and waterproof up to 100 meters. This watch can be used in full GPS and practice mode for up to 120 hours. It also supports many other sporting applications so that you may synchronize with your telephone and will not lose any data that you may already have.

Suunto 9


  • With more than 80 sports modes, a barometer, and a wrist rate monitor for correct altitude information
  • To learn more about your watch, you may link to your favorite Suunto sports applications and services;
  • Long-lasting multi-sport GPS digital watch;
  • GPS watch is designed for training, racing, or extreme adventures
  • 100 m waterproof; ideal for running, walking, cycling, and more.

Why You Should Buy:

You can have covered FusedTrack and Suunto 9 cool digital watches with over 80 sport parameters integrated with this watch. Also, you will get a digital touchscreen and water-resistant up to 100 m. So, make yourself ready to enjoy road navigation and other attractive features include sleep tracking, a range of weather-related capabilities, and a simple connection to Bluetooth.

17. Tissot T-Race Black Watch

You have nothing else to buy other than the Tissot T-Race Black digital watches for men, whether you want to buy the most trendy or modern male watch. This is the finest waterproof clock you’ve ever seen. Up to 300 (300) meters will be submerged. You will enjoy the beach and no longer have to think. This watch suits the deep-sea divers even better.

Tissot T-Race Black Watch


  • These cool digital watches have a silicone belt, a regular clamping buckle in the features.
  • The water-resistant capability can reach a maximum pressure of 10 bar (100 m / 330 m)
  • The case is 43,00 mm in size, 22,25 mm in bandwidth, and 12,25 mm in case thickness.
  • Index style dial movement of this watch Swiss-quartz movement Day: Date
  • 316 L stainless steel case with gray and Black PVD paint

Why You Should Buy

On the international level, Tissot’s no slouch. Their timepieces were used for world racing, motorcycling, fencing, and ice hockey competitions as official timekeepers. The official Tissot T-Race Black digital watch is delighted and luxurious too. This timepiece is no different to attract yourself.

18. Breitling Exospace B55

This is the timepiece most people can’t afford. The digital clock is a workpiece. As it is made from titanium, the body of the watch is unbreakable. Electronic tachometer, time-track, chronograph, end of life, flyback mode, also connecting to Bluetooth devices, are the features of this digital watch.

Breitling Exospace B55


  • Volcano Grey and black dials
  • This digital clock offers genuine guarantees.
  • LCD Digital Display Electronic and Analog Bluetooth technology
  • Lap & Flight Times Chronograph Feature
  • Breitling Exospace B55 Hour with Markers Luminous Hands & Deployment
  • Bluetooth technology and UTC World Time Feature
  • Battery operated quartz chronometer movement

Why You Should Buy

Without requiring any action on your part to be taken from the app or the watch, this watch works just as said. There is some time commitment required to master the roles and practices, but once you get the hang of them, you don’t have to do any other work. Anyone who can master this feat should buy these cool digital watches or people who merit it should rightfully own them.

19. SINOBI – Digital Watch for Men S9368G

You may consider this incredibly inexpensive Sinobi digital watch to be particularly tough on your watches and you don’t mind something a bit flashier. The Sinobi offers great value in four distinctive color combinations. In addition, it is also simpler to see digital and analog double displays, bright hands, and light time every night.

Sinobi - Digital Watch For Men S9368G


  • The original movement of Japan: ensure exact timing
  • Male powerful, outdoor sports style soft, solid, and durable strap rubber
  • 3ATM: Daily Use: 30M Water-resistant. NO problem, waterproof, handwash, shower, swim.
  • Clean window Calendar Date and week
  • Design for fisheries, cross-country, racing, racing, fitness, surfing, and exercising. Classic Casual Sport Watch Dress Watch.

Why You Should Buy

You get lots for your cash with these cool digital watches, with a decent appearance and plenty of functions packed in them, such as a bright backlight, stopwatch/chronographer, shock strength, and a soft, wear-resistant, silicone rubber belt. Is this also a hybrid? That is, it has an analog (hands) as well as digital readings?

20. Nixon – Re-Run Digital Watch

One of Nixon’s amazing qualities is that nearly every model available in a large range of colors and finishes. No exception to this is the digital re-run by the above-described horloger. This is an esthetic retrograde step in the direction of a digital screen. The corner casing and the over-molded silicone pushers are nodes of design indications from the 1980s.

Nixon - Re-Run Digital Watch


  • Custom digital multifunction module with calendar, dual time, alarm, timer, and light features.
  • Custom 5 link design cushioned stylus bracelet in stainless steel 13-18 mm
  • Settable locking clasp in stainless steel
  • Custom LCD, negative or positive.
  • Custom made of 38.5 mm, 30 mm/3 ATM solid stainless-steel case, hardened mineral crystal, polyurethane pusher’s injection mold, snap caseback, and spring lug pins in solid stainless steel.
  • Thirty meters/ 3ATM

Why You Should Buy

As of this writing, the Re-Run comes in seven distinct finishes, including this very white option. The appearance of a white bracelet watch against the background of someone’s skin has always been stunning and grabs instant notice. This Nixon watch is a definite return to the time when the watch technology was only high on a digital display.

21. Casio – Men’s Silver Tone 25 Calculator Watch

Today, albeit not for the same reasons, Casio still produces similar cool digital watches. It’s completely awesome to the retro-nostalgia element. This robust stainless-steel watch and quartz movement band are often worn sarcastically or at thematic parties in the 1980s and are exactly the appropriate complement for your vintage game.

Casio - Men'S Silver Tone 25 Calculator Watch


  • Characteristics: Case / Bezel
  • Material: Stainless steel strip resin
  • LED Light Auto Light Switch Resin Glass Quartz Movement
  • 1/100-second stopwatch 5 multifunctional alarms afterglow data bank dual-time 8-digit calculator. Signal hourly
  • Complete automotive schedule (To the Year 2099) Regular on/off button operation
  • Timekeeping Precision: ±30 seconds each month Approximate size of case: 46.5 X 33.1 X 8.7mm Clasp Approximately Size of case

Why You Should Buy

You’d be happy to forgive that Casio is the calculator watch’s original. However, those of you around in the mid-70s recall that the first computer watches were from Pulsar. But of course, it was Casio who made the calculator watch popular and then produced what you might have the most renowned version of it.

22. Cakcity Mens Digital Sports Watch LED Screen Large Face Military Watches for Men

This cool Cakcity digital watch appeals to men, especially to those who like doing sports, shock resistant, stopwatch, military 24H time mode, and LED backlight functions to make it perfect for all kinds of sport and daily use. It is available with fashionable sporty dial design, military-style outlook, large dial and numbers with light, show time clear in the dark, import EL Lamp, etc. Press the “LIGHT” button to see the time clearly in the light, easy to read.

 Cakcity Mens Digital Sports Watch Led Screen Large Face Military Watches For Men


  • LED digital military watch designed for men.
  • Equipped with luminous, alarm clock, week, calendar and stopwatch function.
  • Dial width: 47mm, Dial thickness: 14mm, Total length of watch: 253mm
  • 164Ft / 50M waterproof, suitable for daily use.
  • Can be worn when washing hands, raining, bathing or even swimming.
  • Luminous, week, alarm, stopwatch, calendar, waterproof, LED display, shockproof

Why You Should Buy

These attractive low-budget cool digital watches come with shock Resistant, perfect for both outdoor and indoor sports, such as running, climbing, fishing, etc. Also, it is 164 Ft / 50 M water resist. Finally, it is Ideal for all kinds of sports and daily use to create the perfect visual effect and let you bloom with unique charm.

23. Seiko X Giugiaro Design / Speedmaster Digital Watch (Silver)

The long-awaited reproduction by GIUGIARO DESIGN in 1983 & 1999 of the emblematic model for the “SPEEDMASTER” series. It features a digital tachymeter function and an alarm and stopwatch function as you can see from the name ‘SPEEDMASTER.’ The revolving switch function, the rotating bezel module switch, and a fluid-shaped liquid crystal displays also contain characteristics. The module changes each function with an unusual rotating bezel reproducing the original model launched in 1983. The model is truly reproduced. The typical silver hue makes the impression simple and tidy. It is a good thing because you may utilize it irrespective of age and style.

Seiko X Giugiaro Design / Speedmaster Digital Watch


  • Method of drive: quartz
  • Curved Hard Rex Windshield Material
  • Belt material, case: infinite steel case
  • Water-resistant: 10 ATM.
  • Box size: 44.2 x Width 39.4 x 12.1 mm Back thickness
  • Lid: etched “Limited Edition,”
  • Function of timer
  • Fully automated operation of the calendar
  • The function of the panel light
  • Calendar function (date, weekday)

Why You Should Buy

The rear lid with its limited edition and series number is limited to 3,000 pieces, which is a premium call. It is a reproduction model that has developed via the adoption of contemporary functionalities without interrupting the belt design etc.

24. Yema Led Silver

YEMA started its first LED viewing chronometer in the 1970s. This reissue is a tribute to the historic time of the quartz crisis during which the horloger industry turned around with the launching of daring designs equipped with inexpensive and dependable non-mechanical movements. The YEMA LED edition retains the practical and elegant retrofuturistic design of the 1970s well. YEMA started its first LED display clock in the 1970s. This reprint pays homage to the historical time of the quartz crisis.

 Yema Led Silver


  • Size: 37,5 mm diameter.
  • Dimensions: 10,5 mm
  • Reed: 20 mm.
  • CASE brushed/cold finishing, 316L stainless steel
  • And the graved YEMA logo Showing hours, minutes, seconds, date and 2) Setting of the Dual Pushers:
  • CRYSTAL: Water resistance and mineral resistance: 10 BAR / 330 Feet / 100 m
  • Each watch is supplied with a 2-year International Warranty Card combined with a leather casing.

Why You Should Buy

The technology for LED displays adds to the retro-futurist appearance and allows you to read time in elegance. In addition, the stainless-steel casing, brushed/polished side, was rebuilt 3D according to the original model from 1970. Finally, with the brushed steel bracelet, the retro-futurist design is completed and the sliding clasp is adaptable for all wrists.

25. Hamilton PSR

In 1970, with the launch of the Hamilton Pulsar, Hamilton revolutionized the world. Fifty years later this groundbreaking first digital clock is celebrated by the Hamilton PSR. Today, a hybrid display and a casing for stainless steel return to the future this change of the game.

Hamilton Psr


  • Caliber: Caliber not available.
  • American Classic Collection
  • Quartz motion
  • 40,8 mm x 34,7 mm case size
  • Males of Gender
  • Black dial color
  • Material case: infinite steel
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • 24 mm bowl width
  • 10 bars (100 m) /145 psi Water resistance (328 ft)

Why You Should Buy

The best thing about it is that it is done with a brushed finish and firm design as a premium watch — it is also large in size, with a width of 40.8 mm. While early LED displays such as the Pulsar were black (something similar to today’s Apple Watch) until ignited by the touch of a button, the new PSR remains continually in motion and can be lit in the same way as the original Pulsars.

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