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Top 25 Best Watch Brands for Women – Time of The Life

Watch brands for women that may be perfect for you and your family. Time is what we all would like to get more or less. Although we cannot add more regular hours, we can guide you to the best-suited watches for women.

In the past, women’s watches were not deemed as significant as men’s watches, but this is no longer so.

Below you can find a list of recommended women’s watches. Luxury watches of the finest quality and with the coolest styles, made especially for contemporary women.

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Watches made for various styles of use—as well as anything in between.

From our all-time favorite ladies’ timepieces to the most inexpensive watches for women—as well as the most glamorous women’s watches and the most sophisticated women’s watches—here’s the list of some of the best products for women from the world of timekeeping.

The Best 25 Watches Brands for Women

Rank#Best ForBrandAmazon Link
1Best overallBvlgariWomen’s Luxury Watches
2Best high-endParmigiani Tonda MétropolitaineWomen’s Luxury Watches
3Best valueRolexWomen’s Luxury Watches
4Best dressyVincero ErosWomen’s Watches
5Best smartwatchAppleWomen’s Watches
6Best under $200Vincero KleioWomen’s Watches
7Best under $500GucciWomen’s Luxury Watches
8Best under $1,000Frédérique ConstantWomen’s Luxury Watches
9Best for the officeVincero Eros PetiteWomen’s Luxury Watches
10Best designerHublot Classic Fusion King Gold 33mm Women’s Watches
11Best digitalArmitronWomen’s Watches
12Best fitnessFitbitWomen’s Watches
13Best runningGirardWomen’s Watches
14Best classicBvglari’s Serpenti SeduttoriWomen’s Watches
15Best timelessMovadoWomen’s Watches
16Most trendyUlysse NardinWomen’s Watches
17Best affordableAnne KleinWomen’s Watches
18Best budgetNine WestWomen’s Watches
19Most expensiveJaeger-LeCoultreWomen’s Luxury Watches
20General CategoryFrederique Constant Art DécoWomen’s Wrist Watches
21General CategoryBaume & Mercier ClassimaWomen’s Luxury Watches
22General CategoryOmegaWomen’s Luxury Watches
23General CategoryDainty BvlgariLvceaWomen’s Luxury Watches
24General CategoryZenith Defy Midnight EditionWomen’s Wrist Watches
25General CategoryCorum Miss Golden BridgWomen’s Watches
25 watches brands for woman

To get the more specific details of branded watches for woman continue reading. Bellow id the top watches for woman that would be perfect for you….

Bvlgari’s Serpenti Seduttori: Overall, The Finest Watch Brands for Women 

  • The 2019 Seduttori is one of the most popular women’s watches of all time, with a modern flair. 
  • The new Serpenti model is the trendiest Serpenti ever, with a new metal bracelet band rather than the normal toboggans strap. 
  • To preserve the look of a serpentine bracelet, the same pattern is used for hexagonal connections. 
  • The revamped Serpenti case would work easier with the Serpenti bracelet so you can wear it on either wrist. 
  • The case is 33mm tall and 33mm wide and houses a precise Swiss quartz movement, an adjustable time-setting crown, and a cabochon stone. 
  • The watch is available in either steel or gold, with or without diamonds on the hands and markers. 
  • There are also all-gold and rose silver and white gold variations, and a sophisticated design featuring a sleek design and an elegant shape. 
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Parmigiani Tonda Métropolitaine: The Best Watch Brands for Women 

The Features and Specifications:

2017 saw the unveiling of the Tonda Métropolitaine, a tribute to astronomy and representation of the phases of the moon. 

This timepiece is part of the Provenance series by TAG Heuer and is fitted with TAG Heuer’s patented 33rd movement, made in the TAG Heuer manufacture. 

The dial of the current Métropolitaine Sélène features a midnight blue aventurine glass background that conveys the presence of the moon in the sky. 

The paper contains golden tissue which resembles stars in the night sky. The piece is a masterpiece of art with elegant skeletonized hands dipped in silver-pink gold. The stainless-steel band is accented with 72 cubic zirconia stones measuring 0.51 carats. 

The small seconds are set against a black background which shows the date. The general architecture of the moon is remarkably precise, including the craters. This complication for women is driven by a Swiss-made automatic movement and the moon phase is a special feature of this watch. 

Best for turning heads for a trendy timepiece.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Rolex: The Greatest Watch Brands for Women 

Features and Specifications:

  • Some watches were made to be worn all the time, traveling with the wearer on all their everyday trips, whether that’s to the workplace, on a dinner date, or a plane trip. 
  • A darling of celebrities, Rolex makes a significant fashion statement. 
  • The brand blends scientific precision and longevity with exquisite elegance and beauty. 
  • The watches are available in a wide range of different metals and finishes, including Rolex’s proprietary Everose gold which will never tarnish. These timepieces are also some of the most flood and wind-resistant. We must see Everest as Everest, and the ocean as the ocean. 
  • A Rolex is the best accessory for any occasion. It can be worn to brunch, a black-tie case, or on the slopes. 
  • The best watch for any moment, anyplace, wherever. 
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Vincero Eros Mesh Watch for Women: Best Dressy Watch Brands for Women 

Features and Specifications:
  • Vincero’s Eros watch appears correctly appointed. And after all, Eros was the Greek God of Love. Look at that! Isn’t it love at first sight? 
  • Vincero’s Eros is the best accessory for everyday use. It’s a good-sized watch with a refined and low-profile face and is scratch resistant. The watch itself is weather resistant. The stainless-steel mesh strap is strong and lightweight. 
  • Imagine the Eros with a crisp sweater, midi skirt, and heels. Or with others dressing casually and sporting a t-shirt. It’s – flexible and eternally beautiful. 
  • Vincero is one of the leading women’s watch brands and this watch certainly gets our vote. If you go with an edgy urban vibe with the matte black edition or channel summery romance with the rose-gold model. 
  • Ideal for: a trendy women’s watch that is coveted by many. 
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

The Apple Smartwatch:  A Well Watch Brands for Women

Features and Specifications:

  • Our list of features reads like wishful thinking because it’s packed with all the things we’ve wished for. 
  • You should say Apple Watch Series 6 to pay for stuff and answer phones. 
  • You can use email to access music. 
  • It helps you to record and monitor your health and exercise details and monitors your progress using GPS and water-resistance to 50 meters. There’s an app that tracks oxygen levels in your blood, heart rate, and rhythm, so you can take a deep breath and calm down while you’re stressed. 
  • And our favorite feature? The Cycle Monitoring Software where you can monitor your menstrual cycle and map your reproductive health. 
  • You won’t be left unaware ever. 
  • Suitable for: a mobile watch that serves as a watch. 
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Vincero Kleio Steel: Best Watch Brands for Women Under $200

Features & Specifications:

  • If you’re not ready to spend more than $300 on a vaporizer, but you’ll stretch to $200 for it, then Vincero’s Kleio Steel is worth your consideration. 
  • The Kleio keeps fashion in high regard, providing a vast array of personalization choices. 
  • We are attracted to the gold and silver for the splendor and elegance. 
  • However, the charcoal grey with a silver finish and black with a gold finish are both good. 
  • The watch is big with three subdials for timing seconds, minutes, and hours, all of which are more than enough for a girl to use. 
  • The stainless-steel case is resistant to corrosion and hypoallergenic. The dial is immune to scratching and is long-lasting. And if you want a buckle for your watch rather than a cuff, you’re wearing Italian leather real. 
  • Vincero’s Kleio Steel should be used in the cosmetics drawer, but not the beauty pack. Wear this daily and people will congratulate you on how you dress. 
  • Most fitting for a trendy watch appreciated by fashion-conscious fashion-lovers. 
  • Movement Type: Quartz. 
  • Colors: Such as silver, gold, rose gold, and charcoal gray. 
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Gucci G-Timeless: Best Watch Brands for Women under $500 

Feature and Specifications:

  • Win a deal with this second-hand Gucci pack. Who wouldn’t want to wear such an iconic sign of achievement on their wrist each day? 
  • Gucci is usually associated with luxury. And being able to buy a luxurious watch that sold for below $1,000 is nothing short of a blessing. So, the fact that the watch is still wearable is merely icing on the cake. 
  • Gucci incorporates its creative interpretation of design with Swiss watchmaking technologies to produce a timeless watch that is a must-have accessory for any guy. The bracelet is brazening and assured in style, while the face is low-key and moderately reserved. 
  • The tiny and tasteful brand name and logo reflect the top quality and superior luxury of this watch. Gucci’s G-Timeless watches exemplify the luxury needs of modern women. 
  • Never miss happy hour again. Best for: high-fashion watch from a watch that does elegance like no one else. Case size: 38 mm, of stainless-steel fabrication. 
  • Action type: Quartz. 
  • Color: Gold. 
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Frédérique: Classic Watch Brands for Women

Feature & Specifications:

  • Frederique Constant is among the most sought-after watch brands around the world. Fans of the brand include prominent singers, actresses, and fashion designers, so you’ll be in good company with your order. 
  • This classic watch with an old-fashioned appearance will still look fine in ten years. Likewise, this watch will also be keeping time correctly with its dependable quartz mechanism, and it needs little or no maintenance from its owner. 
  • A 6 o’clock date indication means that you won’t have to recall birthdays and anniversaries. The sapphire crystal glass is the perfect material for dial faces because of its resistance to scratches. 
  • The watch is practical and trendy with its eminently wearable 36 mm case. 
  • Rose gold instantly offers a contemporary and cool aura. The eye-catching black crocodile strap, combined with the edgy glamour of the black crocodile band, produces a polished elegance. 
  • Best For: The height of luxury. 
  • 36mm case size, rose gold plated plastic. 
  • Action Type: Quartz. 
  • Color: Rose gold.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Vincero Eros Mesh Petite: The Perfect Watch Brands for Women for Professionals

Features and Specifications:
  • When picking a watch for work, you seek a refined watch that is also an elegant accessory. Something ideal for business environments, but with a distinctive look and the potential to draw publicity. 
  • What makes Vincero’s Eros Mesh Petite the right watch for the office is its impeccably masculine nature. With its 33 mm case scale, it’s inconspicuous and unobtrusive, which makes it ideal to bring to work. 
  • Wear it for a formal look, but also as an indication of trust and poise in daily meetings. The blend of colors makes for a customized choice based on personal tastes and skin tone. 
  • Slender and innocent, willing and relaxed, this Vincero Eros Petite watch is a lesson in modest and understated elegance. 
  • Best for conveying an air of dignity and decorum. 
  • Case size: DD/F/G. 
  • Material: Stainless steel. 
  • Action type: Quartz. 
  • Colors include silver, ivory, rose gold, black, and caramel; a variety.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold 33mm: Best Designer Watch Brands for Women

Features and Specifications:

  • The Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold 33mm Diamonds watch bezel showcases a total of thirty-six cut-diamonds.
  • This watch is part of the Classic Fusion collection of timepieces that feature classic-inspired designs. The watch is operated by an in-house self-winding Hub1120 movement that enables it to run for at least 40 hours at a time.
  • This is one of the newest pilot watches in the market, featuring a date window at three o’clock and a small second timer at six o’clock. It oscillates at an amplitude of 21,000 volts.
  • Hublot generates unique motions using a concept of architecture and features.
  • An avant-garde watchmaker who also holds the title of master of chemical alchemy is also considered to be the master of watchmaking.
  • The sample has an 18-karat gold case made of five percent platinum, which can be worn to depths of 50m. The watch is decorated with an 18-karat King Gold bezel that has 36 brilliant-cut sparkling diamonds amounting to 0.75 carats.
  • The watch features a matte-black dial and gold-plated baton indexes and hands.
  • The timepiece is worn on a black alligator leather harness, which is screwed into the strap with a deployable buckle. Great for expressing a watch with a case size of 20mm that features complete stainless-steel construction.
  • Movement Type: Quartz.
  • School colors: Black and Gold
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Armitron Women’s Digital Chronograph: Best Digital Watch Brands for Women

Features and Specifications:

  • Though analog watches have readily recognizable old-school elegance and wow factor, digital watches are technologically superior. They’re robust, comfortable, accurate, easy to read, and visually pleasing.
  • Those optical watches are like Armitron’s. The watch has a sleek 27 mm case and a selection of ice cream-colored faces to choose from.
  • You have both a chronograph and a stopwatch which are good for getting an edge in sports events. An alert means that you won’t be late again for work. A calendar means that you won’t find yourself at a dead-end again.
  • The watch has dual-time features, so you can log time while on the move. It has a waterproof value of 100, so it ensures you can wear it in the bathroom and the pool as well.
  • Armitron Optical Chronograph is an award-winning women’s watch that can be worn at the office, at happy hours, and on vacations.
  • Best For: a digital watch that can survive the need for time.
  • Case diameter: 27 mm.
  • Material: acrylic.
  • Movement Type: quartz.
  • Colors: a variety of pink, blush, and cream.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

The Fitbit Versa 2: The Ultimate Fitness Watch Brands for Women

Features and Specifications:

  • For cyclists, triathletes, and anybody happier when they’re meeting their fitness goals, triathlon is the best multisport race. You must have a Fitbit.
  • An activity tracker is all about functionality. It helps if the piece is adorable to look at. You’re here for the diverse selection of roles. Online, real-time heart rate control, step tracking, and distance tracking—plus streaming music from Spotify, Pandora, and Deezer. After each exercise, you can check how many calories you have burned and if the bagel is warranted (you can).
  • Via the Fitbit, you can track your sleep to see if your sleep habits differ from night tonight. And connectivity with Alexa provides you with details including the forecast and news alerts.
  • Check out the Fitbit Versa 2 on Amazon. It’s a safe bet for your well-being.
  • Best for: an accurate and safe watch to keep you on schedule, healthy, and comfortable.
  • Case size: 40 mm, the material of 30mm titanium.
  • Movement Type: quartz.
  • Colors such as pink, purple, and grey are used.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

The Girard-Perregaux Laureato – Better Suited Watch Brands for Women

Features and Specifications:

  • The Laureato Collection is one of the strongest pillars of Girard-Perregaux; in terms of production, the Laureato collection is the bestselling line for the company. 
  • Over time, this sports watch has been updated, and the watchmaker has produced exclusive versions for its male customers since 2016 including chronographs and open-worked styles. The brand introduced the Laureato 34mm Monarchy watch a year later, a modern version of the original that offers a different, sporty-chic rendition of the original.
  • The unaltered, octagonal bezel is still set with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds on a steel version or a pink-gold version that is a limited edition of 100 pieces. They are sophisticated and sporty at the same time. The watch case, cuff and clasp, and lug are all silvered to have a standard overall look.
  • The dial has a vein-cut Vacheron Constantin guilloche style and is set at three o’clock. Since Girard-Perregaux was the first manufacturer to manufacture a quartz mechanism to suits ladies’ watches in 1978, the company has fitted these watches with quartz movements to honor the original and to ensure precise timekeeping for women who are sticklers for time.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Buglari’s Serpenti Seduttori: The Best Watch Brands for Women to Fit 

  • The 2019 avatar of one of the most famous ladies’ watches of all time is stunning. It’s sleek, glamorous, and elegant. The latest Serpenti comes with a plain metal bracelet band rather than the wraparound Tubogas strap. Even in the new style, there is still an emphasis on the snakeskin pattern, with hexagonal tiles.
  • The revamped Serpenti case is lower to the wrist and is more fashionable than previous models. The case has a size of 33mm and includes an accurate Swiss quartz movement which has an accuracy of -5 to +30 seconds every day.
  • The watch is available in steel and yellow gold, with or without diamonds on each side of the bezel. There are rose gold and yellow gold varieties as well.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Movado Ladies’ Museum Classic Mesh: Best Timeless Watch Brands for Women

Nathan George Horwitt finished the concept of the Movado Museum watch in 1947. The Movado Museum Classic Mesh is a reiteration of this icon—this time with a few stylish additions that brilliantly reinterpret Horwitt’s path-breaking classic.

  • The watches are made with an 18k gold Milanese mesh band and are handcrafted in Milan in the Renaissance. The bracelets have been made in the components of stainless steel and have been wrapped in a yellow PVD coating.
  • The colors of the shell, paws, and dials on each Movado are all matched by the bracelet. The watches come with a mother-of-pearl dial, which gives them an opulent and distinguished look.
  • Driven by a Swiss quartz ETA action, it’s extremely scratch-resistant and aesthetically pleasing. Keeping the Museum’s legacy is not an easy job, but the Dolce & Gabbana Ladies’ Museum Chic Mesh makes it seem effortless.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Ulysse Nardin Classico Jade: Most Fashionable Watch Brands for Women

First introduced in 2013 for women who are equally obsessed about what’s ticking inside their watches than about what’s on the outside; the Ulysse Nardin Jade is an excellent timepiece that blends aesthetics and mechanics.

The name was derived as a tribute to Jade, an incredibly precious stone that is typically found in different shades of green and highly prized in China. This Classico Jade handset is gorgeous, to say the least.

Features and Specifications:

  • The watch is now available in a smaller diameter of 34mm, and fewer of them will be made. The dial is made of mother-of-pearl and it has an array of nine diamonds in a delicate leaf-like wave motif. This is where numbers eight, seven, and six have been divided up into 5, 2, and 0. In China, “520” is a fortunate number and according to Chinese numerology, it translates to “I love you.”
  • It is due to the pronunciation of the numbers, which when added together sounds like “Wo ai ni”, which means “I love you” in Mandarin. The silver-plated stainless-steel case is topped by a diamond-set bezel with 60 precious stones, all contributing to the elegance of this exceptionally-designed timepiece.
  • The Classico Jade features a self-winding UN-815 movement with 42 hours of power reserve. The watch’s exterior is made of a burgundy alligator strap and provides a luxury look.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Anne Klein Diamond-Accented Watch: A Best-Selling Luxury Watch Brands for Women

Features and Specifications:

  • Something is rewarding about wearing celebrity-worthy pieces at a discount rate. So, this is why we’re particularly enamored with this Anne Klein watch.
  • This is the only wristwatch on our list which will cater to many people.
  • Is a wristwatch capable of saying the time? We’re talking about this. Has all the style charm of our favorite piece of jewelry, while still offering practical assistance.
  • The watch is aesthetically appealing. We specifically like the diamond-shaped symbol at midnight. Midnight is the most magical moment, isn’t it?
  • It’s practical, with a sturdy mineral crystal and water-resistant lens that doesn’t collapse if you get stuck in a downpour. And at a price like that, you can use the Anne Klein bangle watch as an upscale travel accessory, without thinking about missing it.
  • The best present for all those you care about. A watch is an accessory most people don’t realize they are missing in their life. Good for: trendy timepieces that look more costly than they are.
  • Box dimension: 28 mm.
  • Materials: stainless steel.
  • Movement Type: quartz.
  • The choice of various colors including black, orange, and green, and gold.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Jaeger-Lecoultre 101 Reine: Most Expensive Watch Brands for Women

Features and Specifications:
  • The costliest and most luxury watch on our list is a circular silver-plated timepiece retailed by Jaeger-LeCoultre.
  • In French, Reine means queen, so this watch is named after Queen Elizabeth II, who wore it for her Coronation. Who else would boast about possessing a pocket watch that once belonged to an emperor?
  • This watch would make you feel like royalty. It is more like an expensive piece of antique jewelry than a timekeeper. With its small scale and inverted buttons, it sounds like a complete sensation.
  • For respected watch wearers with a discerning palate, then this is the ideal timepiece for all their most unique and glamorous times. If you are cruising around town in your Bugatti or lounging in your sumptuous house, enjoying champagne, then a luxurious watch like this is the watch you need to be wearing. A channel where A-list celebrities beautify themselves with one of the trendiest designers watches for women.
  • Today, it’s not platinum that lasts forever. It’s diamonds that are still timeless.
  • Right for: those that enjoy a refined but cheap accessory.
  • Case size: 6.8mm; material: 18-karat rose gold.
  • Movements type: manual.
  • Gold rose paint.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life
Other Best watch brands for women in general criteria

Frederique Constant Art Déco: The Roaring Watch Brands for Women 

Features and Specifications:
  • The Art Deco collection, released in 2017, is influenced by the 1920s, a period enjoying an economic boom after World War I. 
  • The 30mm stainless steel case has a polished but highly defined guilloche finish at its base. The numerals are bold with diamond hour labels. A concave sapphire crystal preserves the quartz movement within. Another surprising and delightful style feature of the stainless-steel cases is the exquisite fluted case band that these cases possess.
  • With the crown adorned with a blue sapphire, the item becomes more regal. The stainless-steel bracelet, particularly the one seen linked with two versions adorned with rose gold-plated ties, is simple and luxurious. An exquisite blend of antique style with contemporary reliability, the Art Déco range appeals to the modern woman.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Baume & Mercier Classima Lady Watch Brands for Women

Features and Specifications:

  • The Baume & Mercier Classima is based on a watch from 1965, but also represents 189 years of Swiss watchmaking tradition; as well as the exquisite repertoire of timepieces for women. Classified by their elegant simplicity, the watches in the Classima Lady range are available with exquisite automatic as well as quartz movements.
  • The watch is a 2019 iteration of the Classima watch. Mother-of-pearl dials are available in both quartz and automatic models, but the automatic—seen here—has minute marker dots and Roman numerals at 12, six, and nine.
  • The time is at ten a.m. The winding and setting of the automatic movement can be seen through the sapphire crystal case back of the 31mm polished steel case which is decorated with 0.3 carats worth of diamonds.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

The Omega Constellation Manhattan Watch Brands for Women

Feature and Specifications:

  • One of the most famous and well-known watch series, the Constellation watches are very popular among the ladies. The 2019 Constellation Manhattan takes the classic Constellation case with its embedded cuff style and takes it a step higher with slight and impactful alterations.
  • With the characteristic ‘claws’ on the bezel reduced in size, the bezel now more easily blends with the rest of the body. It is set in a 29mm shell, water-resistant to 50m, and features an Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer movement. It has a power reserve of 50 hours.
  • The watch is available in various combinations of steel and different metals. The bezel is diamond-studded, while the dial model features diamond hour markers and a date window at six o’clock. One model in the watch range features a mother-of-pearl dial.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

The Dainty Bulgari Lvcea Watch Brands for Women

Features and Specifications:

  • To pay homage to the classic Serpenti timepiece, Lvcea is Bulgari’s new grand offering for women. Utilizing twelve different types of the watch, the range is composed of watches in steel, pink gold, and variations of the two metals such as fully-paved models.
  • The first element derives from the Italian for “light”, Luce. It has a rounded, stepped case with a diamond crowned top. The edition with a steel and 18-karat pink gold shell, a steel and pink gold trademark, and a chronometer side.
  • A tubogas bracelet has a triple-blade folding clasp. Driven by Calibre B77, which means it is self-winding for up to 42 hours. The red dial features a date window with diamond indexes encrusted in pink gold-plated hour markers, which are covered by glare-proofed sapphire crystal. The watches are waterproof for swimming and also come in two sizes—33mm and 28mm.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

The Zenith Defy Midnight Edition Watch Brands for Women

To make a point of pizzazz while retaining a degree of watchability is a challenging challenge. It is new, manufactured with a steel frame, and has no fluff. These 36mm timepieces have diamond-studded bezels.

Features and Specifications:

  • The smoky dials are the highlights of this watch, with the shadow diminishing from top to bottom and the top half dominated by stars. The diamond studs are set around the edge here with a little extra sparkle.
  • In Zenith’s Women’s Range, the Midnight Defy is powered by a mechanical mechanism—the caliber Elite 670 SK, which is the same movement used in the other women’s watches in the Elite Collection. It features the business name in the iconic star rotor and sapphire crystal case-back.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Corum Miss Golden Bridg Watch Brands for Women

A skeleton watch that is quite the gem of time for ladies, the famous Corum Miss Golden Bridge is a stunning example of superlative aesthetics and unmatched craftsmanship.

Features and Specifications:

  • The case size measures 21.3mm by 43.9mm and is a very petite typical wrist size. A rose gold case houses a Swiss-made in-line baguette movement, the hand-wound chronometer CO 113.
  • There are two separate models of the Miss Golden Bridge that are encrusted with diamonds. One showcases 74 white diamonds totaling 0.68 carats, while the other showcases 245 white diamonds which aggregate to 1.28 carats.
  • The diamonds contribute to the optical depth and beauty of the watch and pull in a viewer’s focus. The watch’s bezel, baseband, case back, and sapphire crystal almost make it look like a resplendent miniature showcase of a watch on your wrist.
  • A black alligator leather bracelet is used to build each Miss Golden Bridge watch. The strap strengthens the luxurious and tasteful aesthetic.
Top 25 Best Watch Brands For Women - Time Of The Life

Luxury Women’s Watch Buyers Guide

When choosing watches for women, there are many decisions to make.


Stainless steel is the most common material for watches as it is not acutely allergic, not as corroded as other products, and inexpensive. A ceramic surface is a good substitute for a surface that does not itch, is lightweight and soft to the touch.

Gold wristwatches are among the costliest materials used in a watch, but are the most coveted by individuals and look fantastic on warm skin tones. White gold is for women with cooler skin tones while other types of gold are common for those with colder tones.

In most great watches, the dial is made of sapphire crystal, which is scratch-resistant. Sapphire, though, is costly. Acrylic glass is the cheapest material, whereas mineral glass is the most common because it works well as a medium of trade.


For women’s watches, having two movement styles to choose from is possible.

The mechanical motions are the most professional craftsmanship, owing to the meticulous and complicated detail placed into the action. The Swiss watches are considered the finest.

The movement of a watch is either automatic or manual winding. In manual watches, the wearer must periodically wind the watch to keep it functional. These types of watches must be worn frequently to keep them wound.

On the other side, quartz motions are driven by batteries. Quartz watches are typically cheaper and less costly to maintain.


Watches for various occasions include a dress watch, jewelry watch, casual watch, and sports watch.

  • Women’s dress watches appear to be eye-catching and statement-making, driving the boat out in terms of aesthetics, and craftsmanship. 
  • Women’s designer watches feature costly fabrics and are similar to a luxurious bracelet. 
  • The Women’s casual watches often have large dials for easy-reading and lack the diamonds and gemstones that would be impractical for daily use.
  • Women’s sporting watches are often mechanical with large dials and functionalities such as heart-rate or pace tracking. They are also flood-resistant.

Ladies Watch Design and Form.

Women’s watches historically have been round and are the most simple look. But watch cases may also be rendered about rectangular, circular, and triangular shapes, giving a distinctive look.

Women’s watches are commonly between 22 and 38 mm in diameter in size.


Many watches with leather bands create a classic and sophisticated style statement. The student can pick either a single ring or a connected chain. Headsets can have rubber bands to provide better longevity and water resistance.

  • With an interchangeable band, watches can be changed to match individual wardrobe preferences.
  • Accompanying functionality.
  • As for side effects, a few additional things that need to be considered are:
  • World-time helps you to say time in a multitude of cities around the world, as well as provide time to non-UTC cities.
  • Moon-phase reveals the moon’s present phase.
  • The timer can also be used as a stop-watch.
  • Calendars view the latest date forever.

Are Expensive Watches Worth the Cost? 


The wealthy often wear expensive watches due to their high price, but if you have enough money, would you buy an expensive watch?

First, it’s important to consider exactly what is ‘expensive’? For some, £500 is a substantial amount of money; for others, it is nothing more than a couple of thousand. Your viewpoint will be influenced by how well-compensated you are. But if we did not care about the expense, we should consider whether expensive watches are worth the cost.


There is no denying that expensive watches are stylish and bring sophistication to their owners. They are designed to stand out from their fellows and will be beautifully made and finished. Whoever wears an expensive watch is viewed as an individual who has a good taste and the financial means to support it. If you’re sitting at a meeting with someone sporting a Rolex, it’s a fair bet that you will be quietly impressed that they are wealthy enough to afford such a beauty (and you’ll probably hide your trusted old timepiece under your sleeve if you feel it can’t compete!).


The watch is usually expensive due to the complex materials used and all the various components. These gloves are more robust than most of their less expensive counterparts.


Luxury brand watches are designed and manufactured to the highest international guidelines; their high price tag depends on it. Expensive watches are made to last, and not to be easily damaged.


As the main feature of a watch, reliable timekeeping is a must for every watch. Quartz crystal watches are reliable, but they aren’t as accurate as mechanical ones. Mechanical watches are more costly, but they’re more complex than quartz ones. It is this craftsmanship that explains the price of luxury watches, which is why they are worth buying.

Swiss-made watches are famous for their impeccable accuracy. They will fall within +/- 7 seconds a day, have to be tested by the official Swiss Chronometer Research Institute, and won’t be labeled as Swiss-made until they follow certain requirements. A large range of the world’s most popular luxury watches has received the honor, for example, Omega, Rolex, and Breitling.

The sweep.

The fine internal movement of an expensive timepiece is so precise that the second-hand moves about nearly flawlessly. The explanation why true watches don’t make the “tick-tock” sound is that they are high quality.

What They Left Me Feeling.

If you have a luxurious watch on your wrist, you know it is intricately made, it looks beautiful because most other people cannot afford one; in short, they are capable of making you feel utterly fantastic.

An investment

To certain consumers, the greatest bonus of a luxury watch is that it will rise in value over time. Being able to assess the longevity of a particular watch is critical for those planning to buy it.

In Esquire, a range of luxury watches is being modernized for their future as classics. So if you’ve £11,300 to spend on a Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Memovox, £10,500 on a Vacheron Constantin Fiftysix Self-Winding, £3613 on an Oris Carl Brashear Chronograph Limited Edition, or “just” £1095 on a Farer Leven, you can partially defend the cost on the fact that you might be investing for the future.

So, do luxury watches truly make a difference? It seems to us that, if you can afford a luxurious watch, it is worthwhile to buy one.

Frequently asked questions about women’s watches

What is the right brand for ladies’ watches?

Both brands of ladies’ watches are equal. Buglari manufactures great watches for ladies, which are distinguished for their trendy styles, elegant designs, and high-quality features. Vincero gives all women high-quality inexpensive watches but Jaeger-LeCoultre has the very finest premium watches for women.

What are the most common watch choices for women?

The most common watches for women include Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso and Cartier Tank Française. These watches have a dedicated group of customers who enjoy their experience in both the efficiency and design fields. Icons of horological design are popular.

What types of watches will be common in 2021?

Trending watches from 2021 include those with more masculine designs and styles. Another luxury theme for 2021 watches that blend jewels with timekeeping.

What are the top women’s watches in the market?

Of the best women’s luxury watches, the Reine 101 and the Tank Française are the most fashionable. These watches from some of the finest watchmakers give wearers an exquisite and timeless aesthetic, as well as high-quality timekeeping and craftsmanship.

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