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The Best Baby Boy Watches Available Online

Overview of Baby Watches

Baby boy watches are one of the perfect ways to learn about time and planning their days and it also allows them to do various things and events. No matter how old your kids are, the right watch is available. Some solutions help children teach the fundamentals of time, while others are about mobile technology.

 These intelligent watches allow activities to track and compete, mates, while other options return to the basics with an analog face only. The watch that you choose depends on your children’s age and taste as well as on the features, except telling the time.

It is difficult for the watches for kid boys to grasp a time when they can’t see it, touch it, listen or sense it. The easiest way to make you appreciate time is to show you how we calculate it on a clock or with a watch. Your boy, though, will learn more than just time by purchasing a watch. 

The right watches for children are also an essential step toward accountability and autonomy. Also you can also find some beautiful watches for kids boys at Amazon. Here is a list of some of the best baby boy watches.

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1. DX VTech Kidizoom Baby Boy Watches

About VTech Kidizoom DX

The VTech Kidizoom DX baby boy watches will early get your children into wearable technology. It is a multi-function interface with an integrated feature and adjustable monitor. This look not only tells the time, but also has three built-in events, five races, and three action challenges using the motion sensor. 

To start catching effervescent memories of children, the camera feature also helps budding photographers. In the end, four colors, blue, Pink, Violet, and Green, will be available. Both children and parents will enjoy this robust, informative, and, above all, enjoyable gadget.

Dx Vtech Baby Boy Watches

Description and Features

  • For kids with more interesting games and sports, the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX features 3 fun events, 5 races, 3 activity challenges, and one motion sensor.
  • Kids watch is suitable for young photographers, with more memory in this rugged smartwatch, so children can take plenty of photos and videos; photo impact camera, video camera, voice recorder, and a tactile display.
  • In addition to the bell, time-trigger, and stop-clock, the Multiplication and Division problems are provided by VTech Watch with 2 new instruments, including a calendar function and a calculator.
  • Digital and analog children’s intelligent watch monitor includes 50 plus clock face designs; daily play sprinklers (splash and sweat proof; do not submerge and not suitable for showering or bathing)
  • It is more than a watch, the Kidizoom Smartwatch DX. It features rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries and has a Micro USB cable, and is capable of uploading photos/videos, and battery charging, for ages 4 to 9. ( 5.4″ to 7.75″)

2. Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids

About Fitbit Ace 2

Fitbit Ace 2 fitness tracker is going to enjoy active kids. It helps children to build a healthier way of life through the acquisition of interactive badges and challenges to competitions. The Fitbit app’s matching tracker enables parents and children to track movements, sleep, and accomplishments. 

Additional advantages include battery life for up to five days, allowing children to load and move longer. Moreover, the watch is also resistant to swimming, shower, and sprinkling. In a range of colors and designs, the silicone wrist band comes finally. Your children will then express themselves to be fully customized with various strips and accessories.

Fitbit Ace Kids Watch

Description and Features

  • Steps and active minutes enable children to walk, hop and step towards a healthy life. The intervals are up to 6 meters.
  • Children get simulated badges and enjoyment on the computer as they achieve their goals.
  • Bring cannonballs or lunchtime spills into the pool party Ace 2 is swimming proof (water-resistant to 50 meters)
  • Children have less time to charge and more time to move for up to 5 battery days (varies with use and other factors; animated clock faces require more frequent charging)
  • To access a small child view pair ace 2 to a child account. Children will also challenge friends to compete and submit comments or cheering in the app.
  • Help kids get the amount of sleep, bedtime reminders, and quiet alerts they need

3. Cofuo Digital Baby Boy Watches

About Cofuo Digital Watches

The Cofuo baby boy watches are the great pick if you’re looking for a cheap watch for children, who can also stand up to the tough play. The rubberized backrest prevents the watch body from being rubbed or stuffed. 

This makes the clock particularly convenient to use. The monitor displays the day, date, and time of either a standard light or an extra light mode for a better read on or on the night. Swimming, Surfing, Dushing, Hands-Washing, Raining All No Problem 3 Atm, Raining All No Problem! 

No loss crashed about 1000 times after the watch, the children will play without concern about 2 meters from the ground. It also saves money for parents to purchase a substitute watch.

Cofuo Digital Boy Watch

Description and Features

  • Smart Multi-Function Developing Good Habits – stopwatch, day, time of minute, schedule, alarm clock, etc. offer children-specific date and time.
  • Not only could your child understand to say the time, but he could amusingly organize his schedule.
  • Seven colorful LEDs, big dials, and numbers. Only push the left backlight button for three seconds, dark blue, green, red, blue sky, orange, pink and purple. When you keep the top left backlight button down for three seconds, you will change all seven backlights to appease your child’s interest.
  • High-quality silicone strap, using organic, comfortable, and environmental safety material by international CE certification, water, and sweat-resistant.
  • Facilities are also guaranteed by the flexible belt using the buckle of the stainless steel strap. Play or practice your kids unconditionally. Hardness Glass protects from regular light scratch. Hardness Glass protects you.

4. Garmin Vivofit JR Baby Boy Watches

About Vivofit JR

The tracker of Garmin’s Vivofit JR brings your children’s playtime to the next stage. It not only tells the time like a daily monitor but also monitors behavior and teaches children safe behaviors. The Vivofit JR software synchronizes the system and allows both parents and children to see steps, sleep, exercises and tasks. 

The application includes incentives for participants like coins and the adventure trail. The unit itself is water-resistant to 165 feet and has a 1-year battery life without an annoying silicone harness. Moreover, to customize the look of your girls, you can buy different straps.

Garmin Vivofit Jr Boy Watch

Description and Features

  • No recharge is required for 1-year battery life. Circumference 5.4-inch physical proportions. Size (WxH) of the display is 0.39 x 0.39″
  • Swim with 5 ATM water resistance 24/7 wear ability compatible. Material case: Polymer, material strap: Silicone.
  • Hard kid Easy, 1 size is the most suitable, 1 piece band extends over and fits easily over your child’s wrist. Battery: One substituted coin cell CR 1632.
  • Ages 4 — 9 years; bands: standardized for handles up to 145 mm; X wide for handles 146 170 mm. 2 bands are compatible vívofit 3, vivofit jr. and vivofit jr 2.
  • Mobile parent application compatible. Android 4.4 compatible with OS with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher, and versions 9.1 or higher with the iPhone OS. Resolution of display: 64 x 64 pixels.

5. Casio Water Resistant Digital Baby Boy Watches 

About Casio Digital Watch

For more than 40 years, Casio has made watches. That is why this digital Casio square-faced watch is an excellent investment for your kids. This screen is easy to read and comes with the date. Another feature includes an LED light to monitor the dark time, a regular warning, and a 1/100 second stopwatch.

Moreover, for seven years the battery has been fine, although the unit is 165 foot waterproof. Finally, not only is the bright blue hue appealing; even if your kid doesn’t have the tidiest place, it can be easily found.

Casio Water Resistant Boy Watch

Description and Features

  • It never felt so amazing to be a rectangle. Inspired by the traditional style of G-DW-5600, Shock’s these timepieces have an octagonal case form and button guards that discourage unintended use.
  • A big box with matte finishes and a 7 years battery is available with a host of colors to ensure a sleek and durable timepiece. Digital watch with gray face Matte Resin band.
  • LED-based, daily warning, hourly time signal, 1/100 second stopwatch, measurement modes, and 7-year battery are all available at square sports watch. February auto-calendar set at 28 days.
  • Digital view quartz activity
  • Fenster with mineral crystal dial
  • The buckle-closing blue resin ensemble
  • 50 m (165ft) water resistance: generally ideal for snorkeling or swimming, but not for scuba diving (100 meters)

6. Jojo Siwa Touchscreen Baby Boy Watches

About Jojo Siwa

The Dance Moms fame Jojo Siwa is certainly in charge of the launch of trends in many baby boys. This Jojo Siwa Touchscreen official watch is no exception. Multiple clockface options for the time, day, and date are included in the digital touchscreen. 

Other features include a phase tracker, an alarm, a stopwatch, a computer, and games. However, the selfie and speech recorder are two of the most differentiating features. Photos and audio can be downloaded for healthy sharing so your children can enjoy sleeping and having fun at night.

Jojo Siwa Touchscreen Watch

Description and Features

  • Official JoJo Siwa Children’s Clever Watch with a selfie cam, speech recorder, 3x sports, pedometer…
  • Upload your amazing photographs and videos – share these precious memories safely and securely with friends and relatives!
  • Great for donation, simple to open wraps and the Jojo Siwa logo is ideal for gift wraps
  • Long battery lasting makes continuous fun all day and night long.
  • Included USB Cable (Charge 1 hour before use)

7. Casio Vintage CA53W-1 Calculator Watch

About Casio Vintage CA53W-1

This antique watch from Casio is a love for parents searching for a less technological gadget for their children. The display is clear and readily observable with time and date. 

It even has an alarm clock. However, the calculator with actual buttons is maybe the enjoyable part of this watch. It’s ideal for a few quick maths. Lastly, the device is waterproof, with an excellent battery life that lasts up to five years. As such, this watch is the ideal timepiece for your children.

Casio Vintage Calculator Watch

About this item

  • If you use the calculator, you get the time, date, and all the numbers and functions. The colors are just 2, the numbers are yellow, and the background is greenish.
  • It’s a battery-powered digital piece. One thing the watch is known for is battery power conservation.
  • It can perform several calculations and time-read functions before a replacement is required. Like the watch, the battery is very basic, and “a leg and arm” does not cost much more.
  • The numbers are a little tiny and can be read in dimly lit environments, according to certain users. 8-Digits Calculator; Added, subtracted, propagated, and divided constants. Resistant to water.
  • 1/100 of the second stopwatch; power measurements: 23:59’59.99″; modes measurements: time elapsed, break time, times from first to second position
  • Automotive schedule (pre-programmed until the year 2079)
  • Complete weight / case size; 42.0 x 33.0 x 7.0 mm / 29g

8. DC Comics Touch-Screen Baby Boy Watches

About DC Comics

This DC Comics baby boy watches are the must purchase if your baby is a Batman fanatic. The touchscreen is simple for children to use and has many clock facial features, all showcasing the best bat hero for anyone.

This time, day, and date not only tells this watch, but it also has several additional features. Three matches, a self-pic, a speech recorder, and a pedometer are included. There is less fun, but the alarm, stopwatch, and calculator functions are convenient.

The battery is durable but can conveniently be charged with a USB cable. Finally, all pictures taken can also be moved to a secure sharing device through the USB cable.

Dc Comics Touch-Screen Boy Watch

Description and Features

  • Official batman children’s e-cam smart watch, 3x football, pedometer, alarm, stopwatch, and computer
  • Download your fantastic pictures and videos – share those priceless memories safely with friends and relatives!
  • Great for donation, simple to open wrap is perfect for donation and has the official logo of batman
  • During day and night, a long-lasting battery makes continuous pleasure.
  • Included use cable (please charge 1 hour before use)
  • Name of department: adult unisex

9. Disney Kids Minnie Mouse Watch

About Disney Minnie Mouse

Who can say the children better than Minnie Mouse herself when it comes to educating them? This is what this Minnie Mouse watch from Disney Kids was made to do. The display displays both the hours and the minutes, for each five-minute increase in the figures.

Then hands are drawn over hours and minutes to make it easier for young students to recognize the time. The period is held for precision using a Japanese quartz movement while the mask is crystal resistant to scratches.

Last but not least, for many wrists the leather strap is flexible and the watch is sprinkle resistant. For young people who also study time ins and outs, this is the ideal, non-fussy watch.

Disney Kids Watch

Description and Features

  • Maintain a record of time with this Disney Stainless Steel Kid’s officially approved time professor, watch your wrist at E-watch factory.
  • The watch shows artwork from your favorite Disney figure on the crown, labeled ‘hour’ and ‘minute’ hands to help kids say time.
  • This traditional watch has a polished and matte stainless steel finish, a precision Japanese action, and a 1-year warranty from the maker.
  • Stainless Steel Round Time Professor Watch the character of Disney’s Minnie Mouse on the dial.
  • Meets or exceeds all US Governments’ children’s watch standards and legislation.
  • 3-7 years of age recommended. Includes a teacher time punch-out clock to teach parents to their children.
  • Precise movement of the Japanese quartz, crystal-resistant scratch, Nylon strap hook, and buckle
  • Water 99-foot-resistant resists fog, sprinkles, but does not rinse or dip into the water.

10. Kids Smart Watch with SIM Card

About Kids Smart Watch

This baby boy watches are directly from a spy children’s film. This futuristic system can be ordered in three colors — blue, purple, and pink. On the optical touchscreen, the watch says time and date. It has a SIM card that allows your boy, like a hidden agent, to send and receive telephone calls. Next, 7 fun sports, a camera, and a music player are included. All taken photos are stored on an internal SD card to be transferred to a device safely. Finally, the alarm clock, the calculator, and a speech recorder also are other spy-worthy additions.

Kids Smart Watch

Description and Features

  • Multi-function baby boy watches – Micro SIM Card support (not supported, the requirement to buy separately), 2-web calls, SOS Emergency Call, GPS Tracking, Fitness Tracker Security fencing, Pedometer, App Voice Chat, Alarm Warnings, etc.
  • Dual-mode positioning means double protection for children. GPS +LBS (base station positioning) call tracking all day in real-time, search the place anytime at any time. Please use SMS, web line, iOS, Android APP to map locations.
  • High-quality packaging – Environmentally conscious, radiant material relative to the product of the rival and protecting the children from hearing, waterproofing for hand-washing and casual playing.
  • Control of parents – Assistance Micro SIM CARD; Android 4.0 compatible, iOS 8.0 above device.

11. Lego Movie 2 Quartz Baby Boy Watches

About Lego Movie 2

Let your children pick their favorite character Lego Movie 2 baby boy watches on their new Lego watch. There is the choice of the Wyldstyle ferocious and sassy, often polite Emmet or cute but insane UniKitty. These watches are immersive to most – you can create them yourself like all Lego stuff.

The clock has a mini-figure to add to your kid’s party. Moreover, the remainder of the brace is changed by multicolored ties. A simple analog display is shown on the clock face, with a Japanese quartz movement that keeps time exact. Finally, it is 165 ft waterproof and has an acrylic crystal lens both for toughness and resistance to rubbing.

Lego Movie Baby Boy Watch

Description and Features

  • LEGO Movie 2 baby boy watches for buildable baby boy. Includes a mini figure built into an iconic LEGO Wyldstyle bracelet.
  • Interchangeable ties with the multi-colored watch. 12 Contained more watch ties. Watchband expandable to suit most bracelet sizes.
  • Watch face easy to read. Convenient and lasting. Show of the analog.
  • Japanese quartz revolution Seiko PC21J. 5ATM waterproof. Mineral acrylic scratch-resistant lens.
  • 6+ years of age. Garantie 2 Years. Perfect children’s gift.
  • Join Wyldstyle with this multi-color interchangeable connection wristwatch in the battle against Sweet Mayhem and you will become one of the great master constructors!

12. TickTalk 3 Unlocked 4G LTE Universal Kids Smart Watch Phone with GPS Tracker

About TickTalk 3

3 4G LTE TickTalk Universal smartwatch has the same features as the smartphone. It includes a 2-way video call which allows parents to keep in contact face to face with their children. Moreover, immediate texting is available.

This ensures that in both individual and group chats your child will send and receive email, voice, and picture messages. Furthermore, 4G monitoring is provided, so you always know where your baby is. It also contains a replay to find out where your child was. 

Finally, the monitor can be customized to say the time in terms of standard clock features. Furthermore, the nylon band is comfortable and sturdy, and water-resistant, making it secure from rain and unintended sprinklers.

Ticktalk 3 Unlocked Mart Watch

Description and Features

  • Two-way video call feature, face-to-face video conversation anytime anywhere with your kid. It supports a resolution of 800 to 480 dpi. Wi-Fi access is available for free data. It’s the first and only telephone for children to make video calls in the US.
  • The new Instant Messaging Center features two-way email, audio, images, and emoji messages. For single or group chat, available. The TickTalk3 allowing children, like “I’m in the school bus,” to send the preset SMS messages. “Afterwards, I’ll call you.” “And it came.” You can also apply custom text answers to TickTalk 3.
  • The new locator is 50 percent better than our previous one due to its 4G reception and its accuracy is increased. It also enables parents to find several reloads on the same map. Play where the children were, enter the time you like.
  • The TickTalk3 baby boy watches are protected from fog, sparks on the side of the bass, or is inadvertently dropped into a body of water by IP67 water-resistant technology.

13. Timex Time Machines Digital 35mm Baby Boy Watches

About Times Time Machines

This Timex baby boy watches will allow your children to say the time easily and look sleek. The 35 mm digital face is simple to read, displays the time, the date, and an alarm. Furthermore, it has the light-up dial of Indiglo which makes it ideal for evening use. 

The 18 mm dual-layer nylon can be adjusted to match wrists of up to six inches, both small and large children can wear this watch. Finally, please enjoy the confidence which comes with the understanding that the Timex Kids loss protection plan is water-resistant to 165 feet. 

Duration Resin Watch case; Adjustable Hook and Loop; Indigo Light-up Watch dial: generally suitable for swimming or snorkeling but not diving.

Timex Time Machines Digital Watch

Description and Features

  • Adjustable 18 mm double-collector blue/black/green striped nylon harness up to 6-inch diameter of a wrist.
  • Calendar, regular alarm, and alarm
  • 35 mm resin case Blue and black with acrylic lens; quick to read optical gray display;
  • Kids Loss Protection Plan for Timex
  • Water immune to 50 m (165 ft): generally appropriate for brief swimming times but not for diving or snorkeling
  • The basic band size of Timex watches. The brace can handle only 4.3-inch to 6.5-inch wrist sizes for children.

14. Kids Digital Watch Outdoor Sports Watch

About Kids Digital Watch Outdoor Sports

For this baby boy watches, choose from a range of colors. This watch is perfect for healthy children who play field sports. The shock resistance is provided by the protective case, while the resin face is rough and 165 foot waterproof. 

As such, it is ideal for athletics, swimming, and activities and misfortunes in general infancy. Next, the movement in Japan means the time is maintained correctly. Besides, the monitor displays both optical and analog time, which makes it a perfect learning device. 

Functions such as an alert, date monitor, dual time zones and stop clock are also included.

Kids Digital Watch Outdoor

Description and Features

  • Japanese movement, Japanese battery, long durability, exact timing, quartz and electronic movement initial in nature, dual time zone, optical and analog display.
  • Imported pc material case, strong and sturdy, stainless steel belt, and free buckle, simple and secure, soft and comfortable Germany high-quality pulley strap to protect the hand, shock resistant, anti-fall protection glue.
  • The mirror surface is made of import resin with high clarity, strong hardness, pressure-resistant, high frequency imported welding technology, good waterproof performance highly transparent mirror resin.
  • Waterproof 50 meters, the bottom cover of stainless steel, higher waterproof quality. 
  • Bathing, swimming will randomly wear outdoor digital watches, please do not push the water button, or wear this watch for long-term submerging.

15. Camouflage Children’s LED Baby Boy Watches

About Camouflage

This militant LED sports baby boy watches are ideal for active children. It is shock-resistant and flood-resistant at 165 feet, meaning it stands up to hard play and collisions. This watch features the time on a computer screen, a clock, a stopwatch, an alarm, and a backlight for night use.

Moreover, it looks amazing the large sporty face and the band. Other paint choices include a dazzling rainbow or a metal chameleon blue and purple if your child is not on the whole camouflage look.

Camouflage Children Boy Watch

Description and Features

  • These baby boy watches are great for all sorts of sports, and it’s just a daily watch, with multifunction: light, shop watch, waterproof, shockproof, calendar, EL Backlight, Alarm Clock
  • Moveable, very charming for every opportunity. Excellent look, a wonderful present for friends and family.
  • Digital watch: sporty fashion dial concept, military theme perspective. Large dials and light numbers indicate clear time in the dark
  • Total water resistance, resistance to swimming, and bathing in cold water: 164 Ft / 54 M water resistance. If you have damaged your waterproof ring, please press DO NOT and hold it away from steam and warm water if you have damaged it.
  • CakCity Men’s watch*1, manual*5, their nice operation. What’s your goal? What do you get?

Best Buying Guides for Your Baby Boy


User-friendliness may not be the parent’s primary concern but may be essential for the infant. Young consumers like lighter colors and maybe a cartoon on the phone. Bold colors are not relevant when it comes to adolescents. 

Children usually choose black or blue. Girls choose red, rose, or purple. Some unisex options, including gold and green, are common. It should look like the clever watch of an adult.


On a board, you will look for three items. A standard fluid crystal display with button access (s). A full touch screen. All of them are combined. The touch screen makes it easy to use. 

Responded to calls and texts with few taps quickly typed. The inclusion of a touchscreen increases the cost of the intelligent watch, but the price difference is becoming smaller as it becomes more popular.

Monitoring in health

Any sensors record daily measures and calories burned. The sleep will be monitored in sophisticated and costly equipment. A cardiovascular sensor may not be on the top of the child’s intelligent watch wish list. The more precise sensors are more expensive and the less expensive they are.

Water-resistant and robust

To see how well insulated it is from water, dust, and mechanical tension, an intelligent child’s watch would eventually be stuck in. Screen safety glass avoids scratching. Sand and gravel are also protected from dust.


The connectivity with your phone is important to think about. Android is the most used app. IOS also has iPhone interaction, but Apple Watch for kids is not available. It’s platform-specific. It’s app-specific.

Via the app, the parent can see the details on health on the smart watch from the sensors. You can hear audio from the watch in the presence of a microphone. The infant is not aware of this.

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