Some Best Watches for Kids Girls to Buy in 2021

Watches for Kids Girls are an ideal way to start teaching children time and preparing their day. Whatever the age your kids are, the right watch is available. Certain solutions enable children to show them the fundamentals of time, while others are as sophisticated as a mobile. These intelligent smartwatches activate activity monitoring and friendly competition among friends, while other choices return to the basics with a simple analog face. The watch you pick depends on your children’s age and interests and on what versatility they prefer, except telling the time.

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Type of Watches for Kids Girls

The five basic types of watches come analog, electric, sport, multifunctional and intellectual.

  1. A simple arms watch is referred to by analog.
  2. A digital watch says the time, not switch hands, with visible numbers.
  3. Typically, a sporting watch has a wider face and band and is immune to sweating or swimming.
  4. A multi-function watch says time, date, and also even has alert features.
  5. You get a micro display screen for a smartwatch. But it’s less critical than smartwatches as they can be used as cameras, telephones, GPS trackers, games, and more.

The alternative you choose depends on your preferences and whether you would prefer your child to just keep track of time in addition to other roles. Reading analog is a kind of disappearing act, and most children will learn digital much more easily.

Usage is simple

Children don’t want to screw around and find out something. They leave the watch in some unknown location if it is too hard to use, and will never touch it again. Find an easy-to-use watch or one that you can bring into your life to make your money spend better!!

The Best Watches for Kids Girls

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 Watches for Kids Girls

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 is a smartwatch that parents are searching for their kids. It is available in blue, pink, or purple, and it has so many activities that it is not enjoyable. Children aged 4-12 enjoy the touchscreen and so many enjoyable choices such as a microphone, and so many more.

Features and Specifications:

  • Child-friendly and trendy design; discreet, sprinkled proof bracelet is ideal for children’s wrists;
  • Take professional screenshots, photographs, and selfies, customize and turn them into watch faces with funny filters.
  • Monster Detector Game offers an AR environment to catch real-world monsters; movement sensors for action, vibrations, and pedaling challenges
  • Only by uploading them to a computer parents can easily post their images and videos, free games, watch facets and camera effects at Learning Lodge.
  • For 4+ years of age; included battery; charge unit only attached to the Micro-USB cable; do not charge via third party adapter
  • Your child can learn to say time, not only by seeing the time but also by playing fun smartphone games. While some games are not time-related and play nice. It also provides active activity games to help your kid run by dance, jumping, music, step tracking, and a pedometer.

Pleasure should not end because the watch is fitted with 2 cameras and pictures. Link the device with the micro-USB cable to install and load images. It is also fitted with a 256 MB of memory rechargeable battery.

Finally, children can also splash to get some water but must keep it from hitting the tub. The band is flexible and robust, and you, the parent, can control all the parameters. This is not just a children’s watch, it’s a wrist micro machine! 

Marvel Touch-Screen Watches for Kids Girls

The Marvel Touch-Screen Watches for Kids Girls is wanted for children who choose Spiderman over Batman. It’s all mechanical, as opposed to the Batman watch, which reveals the complete day of the week. Not all the advantages, because this watch comes with a few additional pieces.

This children’s digital watch works as a smartwatch for a very affordable price with an easy reach auto cam, voice recorders, sports, pedometer, alarm, stopwatch, and calculator. Parents should post images or videos that children take and enjoy for continuous use.

Features and Specifications:

  • Smartwatch kid with selfies, voice recorders, 3x games, a brake game, alarm, stopwatch, and machine 
  • Fun selfie-and film, download your amazing photos and videos – share these unbeatable moments safe and safely with friends and the family!
  • Simple to open, the gift-free wrap is ideal for donation and has an official logo for Spiderman
  • Long-term batteries make fun during day and night uninterrupted. 
  • Not waterproof

Children with an active lifestyle must however select a more robust alternative. The girls’ eyes are not water-resistant.

Finally, as an analog or digital alternative, you can choose from a range of backgrounds, all linked to Spidey, of course. It’s a little like its motivation on the flashy side. Sadly, the watch isn’t like any of the better spiderman ship toys, but girls don’t quit pretending!

Garmin Vivo Fit Jr. 2 Watches for Kids Girls

You need Garmin VivoFit Jr. 2 if you want children to be mindful that it even acts as a fitness tracker. It comes in several shades, including one that has an exquisite blue with Elsa and snowflakes. The strip on this unit is waterproof and rubber and the face can be called into the bath as well.

Features and Specifications:

  • Fun swimming exercise tracker for children under the theme of Star Wars. Take the steps, sleep, and everyday life for 60 minutes.
  • Adjustable color display with 1 + year battery life; no charging needed. • Kid-tough Stretchy band
  • Free mobile app syncs that provide parent chore control and warning scheduling
  • Kids Succeed in the adventure bb–8: a 60-minute regular Star Wars story app experience
  • Stretchy band suits a 147 mm wrist easily, pick a wide size, elastic band

But the date, car daylight saves, alarm clock, timer, and stopwatch are what you’ll enjoy about this smartwatch. For a whole month, it will save history. It also comes with Bluetooth, one-year battery life, and fits with iOS or Android.

Moreover, sleep, movement, and steps can be tracked and priorities set. The watch wants children to be involved for 60 minutes a day and to do their job and more with incentives. Get auditory warnings and build an all-functioning watch ready to enrich your life on your smart screen.

Lego Movie 2 Quartz Watches for Kids Girls

Let the kids girls pick their best friend for their latest Lego watch from Lego Movie 2. The fierce, wild-looking, cute Emmet or the cuddly yet mad UniKitty is always available. These watches are immersive in a different way than others – you can create them yourself, like anything Lego does. A mini-figure is attached to the band for your girl. Moreover, the remainder of the brace is provided by many color ties. The face of the clock has an analog display that is easy to read and a Japanese quartz action holds the time precisely. Lastly, it is 165 ft waterproof and has a mineral acrylic glass, which is both durable and resistant to scratch.

Features and Specifications:

  • Watch LEGO Movie 2 for buildable baby. Includes a miniature figure designed into a bracelet in classic LEGO Wyldstyle.
  • Interchangeable ties of the multicolored watch. 12 Included are more watch links. Extendable watch band on most sizes of the wrist.
  • Face quickly to read. Convenient and long term. Show of analog.
  • Japanese quartz revolution Seiko PC21J. Waterproof to 5ATM. Acrylic crystal lens is immune to scratch.
  • 6+ years of age. Guarantee for 2 years. Great children’s gift.

Timex Time Machines Digital Watches

Features and Specifications:

  • Try the Timex Time Machines Digital 35mm Watch for a classic and tidy girl watch. It’s quick and features an interchangeable colored, four-color nylon string. The price is marginally higher but is fitted with the famous Timex name for high-quality batteries of ten years.
  • It uses a timepiece, an alarm, a calendar of days, and a backlit digital screen. Children can read quickly with a tidy and lovely show of the day of the week, day, and seconds. Even the watch has any water, not underwater or snorkeling, but swimming.
  • The watch eventually comes with both an app that allows children to say their time. It uses a velcro band, also for infants, for fast closing. Both of them have a classic adult look with a child’s color to have fun.

Timex Girls Time Machines Analog Resin

Features and Specifications:

  • The Analog Resin Watch of Timex Girls Time Machines gives your child the esteemed brand’s name and consistency. This unobtrusive watch combines girls’ decor with a classical look and simple to read the clock. 
  • It’s built with pale blue, violet, and white so that some girls don’t lean towards girls without all the pink.
  • The 16mm Elastic Framework Step matches the diameter of wrists of up to 6 inches. It also has an acrylic lens resin case, which gives resistance to water. This watch should not be worn in a swimming pool while it can withstand a little spray. Until swimming, often ensure that they take the watch off.
  • Ultimately, the indicators – with an analog clock – are easy to read with simple second and minute numbers and arrows.
  • It also has an hour and a minute hand of a different hue. Girls would enjoy this adjustable, simple, and time-consuming clock.

Lacoste Kids’ TR90 Quartz Watches for Kids Girls

Features and Specifications:

  • The Lacoste Kids’ TR90 Quartz Watch is shipped with a classic crocodile if you don’t mind the high price. 
  • The figures are quickly read and the hands are all different colors and easy to see in an hour, minute, and second. All this with a sleek and quick to read interface.
  • The silicone band has water-resistance and comfort of 50 meters, but children do not swim with the watch.
  • It’s a wonderful navy blue watch suitable for young and old girls to read an analog clock. No bells, no whistles, just a high-quality material watch, and a solid battery.

Timex My First Watches for Kids Girls

  • The Timex My First Quick Reader Watch helps little girls to quickly say time. The price is also good given all the high-quality attributes, such as easy to see paws, big numbers, and an artificial leather strap.
  • Then, for small children, the analog watch is not toxic and safe. It is waterproof for washing paws, but cannot go to the toilet. The watch is appropriate with a 6-inch handle.
  • With these stunning, easy, and effective Timex girls there is not much to complain about.

Batman Analog Watches for Kids Girls

Features and Specifications:

  • DC Comics analog Batman Kids’ Watch is a kid’s watch with an epic Batman logo in the interior.
  • As a teaching watch, it is written on the right arm “hour” and “minute,” so children can learn to accurately read the analog time. While the minute hand would be shorter than the hour hand if the universe were meaningful.
  • A textured band offers elegance and warmth, while the face is metal with a perimeter second and a time change dial. It is not poisonous nor water-resistant and does not have several bells and whistles.
  • This watch does not show the signals from Batman to the sky or serve as a walkie talkie to call Batman, but the kids should believe that they do!

Timex Children’s Digital Watches for Kids Girls

Features and Specifications:

  • The Kids Girls Digital Watch from Timex is another perfect Unisex watch choice for the girls and it comes in a few colors like our favorite camo that girls enjoy. The harness is high-quality and can be customized to suit a wide range of bracelets.
  • The watch easily shows the time using the digital LED screen, but if a watch teaches analog time, another alternative is required.
  • Kids are learning how to use even more features such as backlight, stopwatch, timetable, date, alarm clock, waterproof, shockproof, and anti-drop features. It is ideal for mode, casual use, outdoor use, and even sports.
  • The watch is ideal for children aged between 3 and 15, but for children 13 and under, it’s possibly a great model. Simple to use buttons to change the setup.
  • It is also safe for up to 30 meters in the water so that children can sweat, wash their hands and rinse with it. Maybe you don’t want it in the shower, since it is dry rather than waterproof. If your child wishes to remove objects, then select another clock as it is labeled with four screws on the front and interested children with access to a screwdriver will remove it.

Disney W001679 Cars Plastic Watches

Features and Specifications:

  • The Disney Kids’ W001679 Cars Plastic Watch is a guide that shows young children how to say their time. Second, though, the watch sports a fantastic picture of the car from Cars, a movie fan of Disney. Also, a racing flag is checked on the band.
  • This clock is liked by children between 3 and 7 years old, and the simplicity of reading seconds on a red fringe around the clock. The minute and hour hands are distinctly labeled and easily apparent in complementary colors. The time-speaking teaching is also offered with a second hand.
  • About this item.
  • The plastic Watch Round Time Trainer with Disney’s character Lightning McQueen.
  • Suits all specifications and provisions of the US government on child watches or exceeds them.
  • Ages 3-7 years recommended. Includes a punch time tutor for parents to educate their children.
  • Precise movement of Japanese quartz and scratch-proof crystal, nylon hook and loop strap.
  • 99-foot Water resistance: it is resistant to rain and water splashes, but not to shower or swim.
  • 1 Year Exclusive Warranty from Manufacturers.
  • Finally, the watch is water-resistant to 99 feet, but must not be immersed in water to survive the rain. The nylon strap has a velcro for quick adjustment for infants. It’s time to compete!

LaeLs Analog Watches for Kids Girls

Features and Specifications:

  • Mostly with Kids Girls Analog Watch you are ready to teach your child analog time, colorful and relaxed. Five colors for girls, including blues, yellow, pink, and purple are eligible for this watch. The watch has a decorative edge along the sides of the face that has an art deco-silicone pattern.
  • Extra dense silicone on the face protects from dropping, which is a positive thing since the face will not be sliced by luminous, easy-to-see figures. The other challenge is that their hands are translucent, making it a little harder to see.
  • In comparison, the seconds shape a circle for simple visibility around the hour and minute.
  • Finally, the watch is rain and splash water-resistant and is the best choice for children aged 3 to 12. It is provided with an interchangeable harness composed of a green PU material and an ergonomic style for comfort and flexibility. 
  • LaeLs Analog is also enduring for accuracy for a quartz movement. It comes in a beautiful package for presents.

Olazone Digital Watches for Kids Girls

Features and Specifications:

  • Seeing children interactive from Olazone maybe love for girls aged between 7 and 10. The watch is available in three colors; Pink, Violet, and Red, a chunky silicon style and quick to read screen with many screens, everything from a small computer to know all about time.
  • The day, date, and seconds are seen on the clock. Not all watch shows on or near pm, but on the optical screen, this watch does. You can also choose between 12 or 24 hours for military families.
  • Finally, a little water can be treated by the watch but not dive. The ribbon is made of plastic and used in precise Japanese quartz. This is a 2019 edition that will help your child understand how to say the digital look of the watch.

Casio Classic Quartz Watches for Kids Girls

Features and Specifications:

  • Perhaps the first Casio peek back in the day. Now it might be the first little girl’s first watch with Casio Classic Quartz Watch, Pink too!
  • Many children rather than analog read a fast digital time. A quick look at the computer will tell her when it’s time. For those times when it is too dim to see, there is an LED rear lamp.
  • For two reasons, this watch is more targeted at small kids. First, this is a watch of size small. Thus, although the pink resin band can be changed, it is on the broader side and would not fit with a preschooler. However, the brace can be moved to one point, and the rotating plastic pieces on the wrist are convenient.
  • Secondly, this watch provides certain advanced functionality such as the day of the week and the month’s number day (like SAT 10). It even has a warning that can be very helpful for older children!
  • The watch has a durable quartz mechanism, a calendar system, and a battery life of five years. For a preteen or teen girl, this is a trendy watch.

Analog Watches for Kids Girls by Pinghe

Features and Specifications:

  • The Analog Kids Watch by Pinghe would enjoy children who want a stylish watch. The watch has one hue but is available in many colors.
  • It’s secure and easy with durable, elastic, and adjustable waterproof fittings.
  • The letters come with the complete black, simple face in gold in this edition. You would need to set the child’s time so children might not feel right about the little dial on the hand.
  • The front glass consists of an extremely transparent, highly stress-tolerant resin material that is healthy for infants.
  • Also, it is the best size to match most wrists for children aged between 3 and 15 years old. Too much water exposure will shorten a watch’s life, so make sure the children take it off to play and swim. It comes with minutes, hours, and seconds quick to see weapons.

Kids Gift Girls Watch

Features and Specifications:

  • Kids Gift Girls Watch is just for girls who want a little bling. It’s bright, girly, and has 3D décor on the band to boot cutely! It’s cute and trendy with jellyfish and starfish!
  • The silicone band can be modified and the face can be read quickly. All numbers are in rose and black and the minute and hour color contrasts make time simpler to say. The seconds are along the outside side, but the watch doesn’t have a second arm.
  • Ultimately, the watch uses an analog quartz mechanism and has no special characteristics. Even waterproof but not waterproof, keep it outside the swimming pool and bath. Girls aged 3-10 will enjoy this lovely clock and learn to say time!

Fitbit Ace Activity cum Watches

Features and Specifications:

  • You can get a Fitbit Fitness Tracker for kids if you have one for your own. It doesn’t just function as a clock for your child to remotely track their time, it also follows measures and encourages a healthier lifestyle.
  • The battery is five days long and waterproof to allow your baby to swim in its play. The bracelet monitors sleep much better, sends updates to bedtime and quiet alarms. Choose from three silicone shades, Red, Blue, or Violet.
  • Please note, this alternative is only for children aged 6 and over.
  • You will wireless synchronize the interface with the parent view. It has an interface dashboard, a friendly reward, and even more, making this a great device for children that is easy to use and fashionable. Now make your children travel and watch time!

Jojo Siwa Touchscreen Watches

Features and Specifications:

  • The fame of Dance Moms, Jojo Siwa, is without question responsible for the rise of trends among many young girls. This Jojo Siwa Touchscreen is no exception.
  • There are several clockface options in the digital touchscreen, which can display the time, date, and day. Other features include a stepper meter, an alarm clock, a monitor, and games. But the selfie-cam and speech recorders are two of the most differentiating functions.
  • Photos and audio for healthy sharing can be downloaded so that your children can have endless fun in their sleep and enjoy themselves.

Timex Weekender Peanuts Watches

Features and Specifications:

  • From the weekend carton from Peanuts to TV shows in both the 1980s and 1990s, they have expanded dramatically. 
  • Now with an official Timex watch, you will keep the Spirit of the Peanuts alive in your kids. Pick the characters of Lucy, Charlie Brown, Linus, and Snoopy himself, of course.
  • The analog monitor displays the arms and large readable numbers of the characters. In comparison, the minutes are indicated by five minutes to help younger children still remember. 
  • The cotton strap is easy to slip and the glass crystal mineral face is scratch resistant. Although it’s not possible to go swimming in the lake with Snoopy, the clock is still rain-resistant.

SOKY LED Waterproof Digital Sport

Features and Specifications:

  • The SOKY LED Optical Sport Watch is fitted with a bulk watch that makes it look great for your child’s wrist.
  • It’s a digital sport watch, durable and available in 7 different shades, up to 50 meters. For your girl, all the features you want are on the watch, all at a low price.
  • Wherever it says waterproof, it will go to the tub, wash, and your child is like puddles elsewhere. 
  • It was also developed to take care of children immediately across the clock face by four easy-to-press buttons. They will set the time and date for themselves and develop their independence and time comprehension.
  • Kids enjoy a monitor that is easy to read. Also, with a stopwatch, date, time, minute, calendar, alarm clock, etc., the watch will teach healthy habits. It also features an easy-to-use LED backlight.

Eleoption Waterproof Analog Watches

Features and Specifications:

  • See the Eleoption Waterproof Kids Analog Watch for younger children who want a little bit more fun and style. Choose this lovely watch for lots of holiday colors and patterns such as dragons, birds, sports themes, hearts, monks. Children would love the lovely cartoon types of silicone with a pretty image.
  • The watch arrives in a donation box with girls’ watches. The clock is both resistant and reliable, allowing your children to enjoy an active life without damaging the inexpensive clock. It also has a low profile so your child’s wrist won’t get over from 2 to 10 years of age.
  • The device will last but not go to the shower, bath, or swimming pool, offering certain water resistance. It can withstand rain or mist a bit. The parents will have to set their children’s time, so it is easy to do so because the watch concentrates on saying the time, with numbers easy to read and minutes, hours, and seconds different colors.
  • The watch arrives in a donation box with girls’ watches. The clock is both resistant and reliable, allowing your children to enjoy an active life without damaging the inexpensive clock. It also has a low profile so your child’s wrist won’t get over from 2 to 10 years of age.
  • The device will last but not go to the shower, bath, or swimming pool, offering certain water resistance. It can withstand rain or mist a bit. The parents will have to set their children’s time, so it is easy to do so because the watch concentrates on saying the time, with numbers easy to read and minutes, hours, and seconds different colors.
Eleoption Waterproof Analog Watches

CKE Digital Sports Watches for Kids Girls

Features and Specifications:

  • Kids enjoy flashing lights and fluorescent colors, such as the Kids Watch Optical Sportsby CKE, which comes in three bright and luscious colors.
  • It’s a lovely watch girl who likes to look at a pair of bells and whistles over and over.
  • On the digital monitor, time, hours, weekdays, and seconds are shown. You will then be able to pick either military or normal time and use the clock as a calendar, warning, and stopwatch.
  • It is shockproof, waterproof, ideal for children with active lives, but does not push underwater keys.

Buying Guides


Three items are on view to look around. A standard LCD panel with control button (s). A touch screen full. A blend of the two. The aspect of the Touchscreen makes it simple to use. Responded to calls and texts with a few taps quickly type. The fact that a touch screen is present raises the cost of the intelligent watch, but the price gap is declining as it is becoming more popular. The alternative on a child’s watch is that of a black and white monitor if you do not have a touch display.

Ruggedness and waterproofing

To see how well insulated from oceans, dust, and mechanical tension a children’s intelligent clock is invariably pounded about. On-screen protective glass stops scratching. Sand and gravel can also be stored in the bay in dust-proof conditions. Kids appear to wash their face, get stuck in the rain, waste time playing puddles and snow and fail to take off their watches before they swim. A waterproof IP67 or IP68 smartwatch does not harm your system which ensures you can do all this without harming it – but you should not touch the buttons near the water.


The capacity of a child’s smartwatch to play games is not an absolute requirement. In such a small display, games are unlikely to enthrall. Built-in selfie cameras and pictures can be helpful. Some smartwatches encourage the child to send up to 15 saved numbers to a text or voice notice. Video calls can be an alternative, but this function is not universal. Other children using the same brand of the smartwatch may have certain communication skills. The latter role helps the child to dial the parent or other previously accepted numbers. Calls from suspected spammers or banks will never be approved by smartwatches.

Compatibility of smartphone

The connectivity with your phone is crucial to worry about. Android (see best Android Watches for more information) is the most open app. iOS also provides iPhone interaction, but there is no children’s Apple Watch. It is platform-specific. It is app-specific. The parent will access the medical information on the smartwatch via the application. You can hear audio emitted by the watch in the presence of a microphone. The infant is not aware of this.


Aesthetics may not be a parent’s primary concern but may be important to the infant. Youngers like lighter colors and maybe a cartoon figure on the television. Bold colors are not what is relevant when it comes to teenagers. Girls are black or blue in the inclination. Girls prefer red, rose or yellow. There are some common unisex alternatives, such as gold and green. It should look like a smart clock for adults.

Monitoring fitness

Any machines are used to track everyday measures and calories burned. Sleep is tracked by the more sophisticated, pricey equipment. A heart rate sensor may not be on the top of a parent’s smartwatch list.

Location services

You may need a computer that needs a sim card or provides navigation if you want to track your child’s location. The Geolocation of the system can be indicated by sending coordinates via satellite via a Smartwatch with GPS. However, one that uses wi-fi is more specific. GPS is generally less, but more consistent.

Where you live, it will rely on. For positions of 5 – 50 m GPS is more precise. However, the error rate is up to 500m. They have a geofencing sensor, LBS scanning, and a wifi feature when it comes to children’s clocks. The smartwatch fits well in the house with WIFI, but can also right street codes. If the wireless signal isn’t strong, it just functions intermittently, of course. By tackling the closest tower, LBS gives geolocation. The more precise the position is in the city. However, LBS provides the least reliability of the three sites and is not available in every region.

Frequently Asked Questions about best children’s watches

Will my child’s wrist be irritated with silicone?

Silicone is a combination of plastic and synthetic rubbers. Anyone who is allergic to silicone may react to rubber or plastics. The best way to be positive is to try silicone in the skin and check if your child is reacting.

It may be a touch dermatitis that induces red rash, inflammation, bruises, blisters, swelling, burning, or tenderness, whether your child does react. Anyone with these substitutes should promptly avoid wearing silicone and seek healthcare with serious symptoms.

Do I have my child with an analog smart or digital clock?

These three choices are good and depend on your needs.

A digital watch is the easiest one to learn, but the most enjoyable and practical are intelligent watches. Analog clocks often vanish, but not analog clocks because they are lovely and make excellent accessories.

If your purpose is to teach your child time reading, just keep an analog watch to make sure that he or she can read the time. You may then switch on to a digital watch or even an intellectual clock. In a digital or analog time, certain smartwatches showtime, which offers you more choices.

Is one of my ancient watches a choice for a child?

One of your old watches you can give your kids, but they can ruin it or not. Also, the watch can’t match and slip off its little wrist. Children’s watches are also safer components and enjoyable features that you can’t see on an adult watch often. You will pass on it to your younger children whether you have a watch, though, from your younger child or an older child. Hold children under the age of three years still away from watches. Before giving a girl, always search for damage to your watch, parts, or something that can scrap your face.

Ultimate views on watches for kids’ girls

The best watches for kid’s girls help them learn time. If you want them to learn digital or analog time, you have to decide.

The Lego Movie 2 Quartz Watches for Kids Girls or the Disney Kids Watch is highly recommended since they have the words hour or minutes in their arms to simplify the analog time.

However, an insightful watch can educate both and have a variety of other functions that are appealing to children. We consider the V Tech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 Watches Kids Girls, if you choose a smartwatch because the patterns are fun to follow and you can quickly control the environment. Now is the time for you to determine the timepiece of your girl.

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