Luxury Watches Brands

Top 15 Luxury Watches Brands for both men and women

Most of the luxury watches brands design premium watch that display great design and optimum quality and are made to last a lifespan.

Since these watches sell thousands (and, at times, millions) of dollars, you will decide which luxury watch brand is most suitable. Not all watches are the same. Any of them are in their league. Luxurious watches are much more than mere accessories, combining impressive craftsmanship with elegant aesthetics.

They are wearing pieces of art. As such, it’s no surprise that names like Rolex make not only watch fans but everybody sounds like they are. So if you are looking for a watch that will be fashionable and functional over the coming years, you cannot go beyond the most luxurious watch brands in the world.

These names ooze dignity and magnificence, unbeatable because of their intricate designs and detailed production. We have completed here the best luxury watches brands you need to see.

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Top 15 Luxury Watches Brands

1. Patek Philippe

About Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe & Co has become one of the world’s most famous watchmakers and luxury watches brands, known for the first wristwatch inventory. Both of them believe that making the top 10 list and not mentioning this watchmaker will be a bad service. 

One of three Holy Trinity horlogers, Patek Philippe. The Nautilus, Aquanaut, World Time, Twenty-4, Calatrava, and many more are some of their more famous versions. Patek Philippe has been commissioned to produce some of the most complex watches for a large number of leading individuals, such as James Ward Packard and Henry Graves, besides their numerous famous model designs. 

The Graves Super complication, one of the most exclusive clean watches ever produced was sold at a new-York auction for an astonishing $11,000,000 in 1999. Many consider them to be the best watchmaker in the world, so they are among our top 10 luxury watch brands for the first time.

Patek Philippe Luxury Watch

What Makes Patek Philippe a Luxury Brand?

  • The hand winders of a two-hand clock and the “ordinary” functional complications have perfected every aspect of fine watchmaking.
  • It is impossible to reach this degree of competence immediately. Patek Philippe was 177 years old and has consistently made watches during this period.
  • This luxury watches brands respects the traditions and invests heavily in the use of modern tools, modern technology, and manufacturing processes in the conventional reloading arts.
  • In 2008 the organization imposed strict requirements, which also meet usual industry standards, with the launch of the Patek Philippe Seal. The consistency pledge does not only extend to the watches.
  • The manual decoration is of high quality in technology and style in the production process.

  1. Famous wearers: Ellen DeGeneres, John Mayer, Nicolas Sarkozy, Queen Victoria, Robert Downey Jnr.
  2. Price range: $15,000 – $1 million+

2. Vacheron Constantin

About Vacheron Constantin

The oldest consistently running watchmaker in the world is next in our renowned watch brands line. It is a name that has been with it for hundreds of years. Since 1755, Vacheron Constantin has also produced some of the most unbelievably rare and innovative time-making masterpieces. 

The newly launched Vacheron Constantin, also known as the world’s most complicated watch, with 57 complexities and an approximate $8,000,000 worth, according to Forbes will be the perfect example of their mechanical brilliance. 

They were considered a premium luxury watch company even before this incredible feat. Vacheron Constantin is a part of the “Holy Trinity” and one of the leading Swiss horlogers, building on the ideals of accomplishment of technological and esthetic perfection that are evident over the years from its numerous horological accomplishments and inventions. This makes them one of the biggest foreign watch brands.

Vacheron Constantin Watch

What makes Vacheron Constantin a Luxury Brand?

  • A large vintage of Vacheron Constantin is always said to buy for less than half the cost of its comparable Patek Philippe. In most instances, this also applies.
  • It is the oldest luxury watches brand of continuous production watches.
  • It produced some of the most complicated watches ever produced.
  • The Holy Father The legacy of beautiful architecture by Constantin is not restricted to its watch movements. The cases and dials of its watches call for inventiveness and diversity to be respected.
  • The Vacheron Constantin Watches which be purchased at any price and, whether it is an 18th-century watch or a 2017 watch, assures entrance into a prominent club by purchasing a Vacheron Constantin watch.

  1. Famous wearers:  Donald Trump, Marlon Brando, Rick Ross, Kate Bosworth
  2. Price range: $18,000 – $6 million+

3. Audemars Piguet

About Audemars Piguet 

Audemars Piguet has also been a member of the esteemed holy trinity of watchmaking. Since its foundation in 1875, it produces some of the most spectacular watches. Any of them are regarded as one of the world’s top ten watch brands today. The AP Royal Oak sequence is the best-known set. A big game-changer for Audemars Piguet, who is the first to use non-precious metal, stainless steel in the new watch designs and charge luxury prices. 

This is an emblematic watch range. The Royal Oak Offshore series Audemars Piguet created its subsequent underwater edition of the iconic watch, one of the most famous watches in history. AP has always been overdue and well regarded over the years, as one of the trinity.

Thanks to the invention of the Royal Oak Watch more luxury horologers have used their experience rather than just the precious metal used as a pricing factor. If luxury watches brands are used to be valuable in gold, many values now more than their weight in gold, irrespective of the content used.

Audemars Piguet Watch

What makes Audemars Piguet a luxury brand?

  • Audemar Piguet is distinguished as a luxury watches brands not only by style and designs but also by its rich content and techniques. Audemars Piguet Watches are also distinguished.
  • For example, the brand uses black ceramic instead of stainless steel, then machine finishing, and then hand finishing, to achieve both satin and polish finishing. The use of white gold screws often shows that they know very well that excellence is always in particular.
  • The price can be tens of thousands of dollars when it comes to high-end mechanical motions. The high-end watches, due to complicated movements, are manufactured in small numbers to meet the requirements of their happy customers.
  • In the case of thousands or even millions of timers produced by a manufacturer, the initial manufacturing costs of tools in all components can be altered. And if the production of a new watch costs one million dollars, it will cost each watch just a few dollars.
  • The creation of a special and timely watch will take a year and a team of highly skilled clockmakers. The qualified engineers may not work on one piece, so it takes longer for a mechanical watch to be designed, decorated, finished, and tested.

  1. Famous wearers:  Tom Cruise, James Corden, Usher, Lebron James
  2. Price range: $7,000 – $850,000+

4. Lange & Sohne

About Lange & Sohn

A. Lange & Sohn, established in Germany in 1845, closed doors in 1948 after the municipalization of the property by the postwar soviet government. Walter Lange sees the need for a fresh start to the family business in Glashütte as the collapse of the wall is celebrated in November 1989. Shortly after the first new patent, all of your versions are registered at an outsize price.

However, in 1990, they returned to business and with their extremely complicated timepieces, they made their mark on the horloger industry.The luxury watches brands of Lange & Söhne are the incarnation of what it means. When you keep them in your lap, you can feel a profound sense of pride. Yet they are not only pleased with the success of their jobs. 

It has developed a sincere commitment, a zeal that enables one to aspire day after day toward excellence. Lange & Söhne’s continued conviction that anything is possible, followed by his ambition, is constant vigilance and discipline, creative dedication, searching for creativity, imagination, and persistence. This is what unites us and all the many people who are keen on the Lange & Söhne watches.

Lange &Amp; Sohn Watch

What makes Lange & Söhne a luxury brand?

  • Shake-resistant screws four, superior quality in-house balancing spring made, frequency 28,800 hourly semi-oscillators (4 hertz), the precise beat-adjustment system with cam and whiplash cable.
  • Fifty hours of wounding
  • Time shown with stop seconds in hours, minutes, and subsidiary seconds, day of the week, and date shown
  • Two keys for moving the day of the week and the time; the crown for moving the watch and setting the time;
  • Under the added hour markers and the secondary subsidiary scale, the embossed groove structure strengthens the dial texture.

  1. Famous wearers: Vladimir Putin, Carmelo Anthony
  2. Price range: $15,000 – $1 million+

5. Hublot

About Hablot

Carlo Crocco, an Italian pioneer of luxury watches brands with a long line of esteemed watchmakers, was the founder of Hublot. The Italian watch company Binda was created by its uncle and during their boom, he produced several best-selling watch models in Italy.

Crocco was naturally interested in the rich heritage of horology and architecture for such a pedigree. For more than 30 years he worked tirelessly in the company of his family. In the word “Hublot” Crocco was the main influence in this collection, meaning “porthole” in French. The initial style face fittingly closely looked like porthole windows on a submarine. This is attributable to a distinctive gold or steel bezel decorated with twelve H-shaped tubes.

These screws were evenly spaced and often used to mark hours, making them decorative and practical. It was a special challenge to design the strap for the Hublot collection. Crocco must-haves featured water resistance, convenient fit, and smart, straight lines. Yet none of these characteristics is embodied by the classical strap materials of watch – brass, leather, or silk.

Hublot Watche

What Makes Hublot a Luxury Brand?

  • In most Hublot sets, rubber remains a staple. Other fabrics in the straps are also mixed to improve comfort and longevity. But the trendy accent on the lingerie or other noticeable components is often known for Hublot designers.
  • This material can be unbelievably light and solid, and is used in Hublot Taucher watches extensively. It helps watches resist resistance to water stress when diving in the deep sea but stay easily lightweight.
  • Hublot luxury watches brands use its specialized alloys in addition to elements commonly used in fine gems such as platinum, titanium, and tungsten. These comprise:
  • Even, with uncommon metals such as opium, zirconium, and tantalum, the Hublot achieves endurance, lightness, and color/texture variation.
  • In its cases and bezels, Hublot also employs high-quality ceramics. Their “superior hardness” and their range of colors are extraordinarily vivid and colorful.

  1. Famous wearers: Kylie Jenner, Kobe Bryant, Jay Z
  2. Price range: $4,200 – $5 million+

6. Jaeger-LeCoultre Luxury Watches

About Jaeger-LeCoultre

Jaeger-LeCoultre is a Swiss luxury watches brands widely appreciated by its colleagues. Many agree that it is one of the finest luxury watchmakers and perhaps one of the most prestigious vertically integrated horologists worldwide. Most of the reasons for this are that they make their motions both in-house and in-house. 

Uhrmachers that can render in-house moves are normally placed on a pedestal and praised in-depth for their abilities to monitor consistency and craftsmanship. Few producers produce as many components as Jaeger-LeCoultre on their own (affectionately called JLC by watch collectors and watch connoisseurs the world over). 

They were placed sixth in our top ten luxury watch brands for the above reasons. JLC has created many enduring classics such as the Reverso, a square watch that has a remarkable ability to turn around to cover its face. This classic range produced too much of an ultra-thin dual dialing set called the Grande Reverso Ultra-Thin Duoface. It is a reverse array.

Jaeger-Lecoultre Watch

What makes Jaeger-LeCoultre a luxury brand?

  • Jaeger-LeCoultre is recognized as a luxury watches brands that makes the little drastic transition but builds on its rich legacy and its traditional forms instead.
  • The world’s smallest caliber and the most difficult wristwatch on earth were launched by Jaeger. These are the two statistics about Jaeger-LeCoultre that demonstrate that the brand is all about novelty. Around the same time, they innovate with their own culture and heritage.
  • LeCoultre pays special attention to its calibers, and the fact that LeCoultre has more than 1200 proves that the company is the deal, unlike many Swiss luxury watch firms with just a few of any in-house calibers.
  • In the past, all pocket watches were wound using a key, but Antoine LeCoultre found out a mechanism that eliminates the need to use a key to connect and set the watches.
  • Not only the watches and calibers but the produced manner of LeCoultre continue to change and innovate.

  1. Famous wearers: Robert Downey Jr., January Jones, Matt Damon, Queen Elizabeth II
  2. Price range: $5,000 – $2 million+

7. Rolex Luxury Watches Brands

About Rolex

It is shameful that we did not discuss a Rolex company that has practically 100 percent market awareness with the world’s most recognized watch brand. But while they are the best-known of all famous watch brands, let us not just make them more famous for their watchmaking skills. Rolex manufactures a fairly incredible number of watches. Their production is expected to be about 2000 watches daily. 

One point about this popular watch brand is that there are customers who love to see a better average retail value on the market than any other watch brand. This can be traced directly to the fact that Rolex is, if not most, definitely one of the world’s most important watch brands. Rolex is making some of the best-known men’s watches. 

The Daytona, Submariners, GMT Master II, Datejust, Yacht-Master, Yacht-Master II, Day-Date, Sky-Dweller are some of her most famous sets. As an ambitious luxury watch company that saw its watches the highest summit in the world and the lowest abysmal depth on the oceans of our planet.

Rolex Luxury Watch

What makes Rolex a luxury brand?

  • Rolex is the most popular luxury watches brands in the world. Even if you never heard much about Omega and Breitling, or even Patek Philippe, you heard about it.
  • Rolex watches are precise, powerful, and durable, and display time accurately. Consistently high quality is an art itself, and the annual output figures are calculated to be around three-quarters of a million pieces.
  • The importance of the name Rolex is due to the brand’s early introduction of innovation, which makes the watch suitable for daily wear.
  • A watch’s daily wear ability depends on its style. The round shape of a Rolex provides its resistance to water and superior readability. Add a central second-hand panel and a date lighter for Cyclops (another Hans Wilsdorf invention).
  • The price stability of worn but still relatively new watches largely relies on the high prices that old Rolex watches routinely obtained at the sale. Rolex is the second hottest brand after Patek Philippe.

  1. Famous wearers: Justin Timberlake, Mark Wahlberg, Paul Newman, Orlando Bloom, David Beckham, Kanye West
  2. Price range: $5,000 – $650,000+

8. Blancpain Luxury Watches

About Blancpain

Blancpain was established in 1735 and is significantly older than Vacheron Constantin, but has not operated under Blancpain since its inception. They also played a major role in advancing horloger methods and manufactured watches with some of the most complex movements. 

Blancpain, luxury watches brands, is the pioneer in producing the first-ever diver’s watch, the legendary Fifty Fathoms watch. Since then, Blancpain has made several fine collections including Le Brassus, Leman, Villeret, and Sport. They are one of the world’s top 15 watch brands that deserve great acclaim.

The innovations it has made to the tourbillon complication have been among the most remarkable accomplishments that this brand deserves. Blancpain has produced a flying tourbillon, an invention that was almost 200 years ago created by Breguet in the original tourbillon version.

Blancpain Watch

What Makes Blancpain a Luxury Brand?

  • Their watch masters are using very unusual watch instruments according to international standards. They use these tools for Blancpain’s watches strictly and exclusively!
  • Their clocks are diligently made in the Swiss tradition of old-fashioned reloading.
  • The luxury watches brands are sold in relatively few quantities and are much costlier than other brands.
  • To ensure good quality timepieces – which entails resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks, and strength against magnetism – Blancpain watches are carefully, and extensively inspected by experts. More than one accuracy test is needed in each watch.
  • A single skilled watchmaker assembles, decorates, and hand-graves each timepiece. This ensures that each timepiece is touched by the actual horlogers and craftsmen. Not one Blancpain watch is the same!

  1. Famous wearers: Vladimir Putin, Francis Ford Coppola, Jacques Cousteau
  2. Price range: $7,500 – $1.5 million+

9. Chopard Luxury Watches

About Chopard

Chopard is a Swiss luxury watches brands based in the provinces of Fleurier and Geneva. It was first incorporated in 1860 and gained its name employing precision rail watches, in which both movements and timers were produced. He is now known for both his LUC polished collection and his motorsports watches from Mille Miglia. 

The firm makes both for its watches and as debauched moves for other watchmakers with various factories. This are their respective motions of the L.U.C. and Fleurier Ébauches. The firm brings experience in the areas of gem making and goldsmithing since it is also a jeweler. Some watch models include diamonds, and in-house gold covers can be melted and cast from the Geneva factory.

Chopard is proud to be able to manufacture the most watch pieces with its vertically integrated manufacturing. This enables the brand to meet sustainable gold and diamond procurement requirements. However, L.U.C. or Fleurier in-house watches are offered along with completed ETA or Valjoux calibers. The collections of the group are eclectic and are also quite rare.

Chopard Luxury Watch

What makes Chopard a luxury brand?

  • The dial motif and the contrast of rubbed and polished finishes on the case and bracelet stand out at first glance. These days, the dial reminds me of the artwork of Grand Seiko, which is a positive thing.
  • Sticks and roman numerals are the hour signs and have both been added to the dial. With Super-LumiNova, the hour markers but even the hands were used.
  • The bezel has shed the cumbersome forms of the St.Moritz styles of the 1980s, which I think is a positive thing in the 20s. The 8 screws were kept by Chopard in the Alpine Eagle bezel, helping ensure the watch’s water resistance (100 meters).
  • You acn run the 01.01-C movement in-house with the crown (for the 41mm that is, the smaller 36mm Alpine Eagle is powered by the smaller caliber 09.01-C movement).
  • This was all simple, the watch has been finished nicely, the dial is impressive and the mechanism has been internally designed and accredited as a timer.

  1. Famous wearers: Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Colin Firth
  2. Price range: $5,040 – $60,000+

10. Girard-Perregaux Luxury Watches

About Girard-Perregaux

The Girard-Perregaux business we know today is rooted in 1791. But then you will find that the watchmaker’s past is fascinating and complex. It is today a renowned brand recognized for its exceptional achievements. For Girard-Perregaux, the 21st century led to several interesting new developments. 

The first collection devoted to women, the company opened in 2004. In 2004. An instant success, the oval-shaped Cat’s Eye is now a major part of today’s designer collections. In the same year, the brand entered into a relationship and promotion for the 32nd American Cup with BMW Oracle Racing.

The brand was an excellent moment as it extended its wings around the globe in several countries. The first freestanding shop was also opened in Gstaad that year. In 2006, the Evo Tourbillon was launched by Girard-Perregaux, another continuing line, and next year the world timer watch, which was available in financial centers and worldwide. 

It also exposed Jackpot Tourbillon’s very difficult slot machine watch – critical applause for everyone. By 2008, the brand made groundbreaking strides in the realm of relentless strength and also revealed its permanent escape – completely in-house.

Girard-Perregaux Luxury Watch

What makes Girard-Perregaux a luxury brand?

  • This is by far, the wearest rendering of the signature bonds watches by Girard-Perregaux. Although there was one big complication with the most recent issues, this one was just one of the first editions, which only showed hours and minutes.
  • The eponymous bridge of the Free Bridge is a much more recent, edges-like interpretation of the brand’s symbol.
  • We go on to Girard-Perregaux’ minimalist side and here we have a smart, new representation of their chic 1966 series of dress watches.
  • Although Girard-Perregaux chose to remain in front of the quartz crisis as a professional Quartz chronometer, the Laureato range today is very mechanical.
  • Looking together at the 1966 and the 1966 editions of Laureato Infinity, it is a rather pleasant vision when you realize how well the elements of any Girard-Perregau signature have been presented.

  1. Famous wearers: Hugh Jackman, Kobe Bryant, Quentin Tarantino, Pierce Brosnan
  2. Price range: $5,000 – $600,000+

11. Tag Heuer Luxury Watches Brands

About TAG Heuer

The manufacturer of eyelashes, cell phones, and watches also manufactures this Swiss watch. The name TAG Heuer is a short name for ‘Techniques d’Avant Garde’ which refers to Edouard Heuer, its founder. As the watches have grown over the decades, they are still sporty. 

This company features a wide variety of chronographs and memorable timepieces and a technical appeal and luxury feature. TAG in TAG Heuer has stood for the “Techniques d’Avant-Garde” since the founding of the Swiss brand by Edouard Heuer in 1860. 

Heuer wore a stopwatch in 1962 on flight 6 of Mercury-Atlas, which was the first time that the Swiss horloger was recognized by John Glenn. Now known as TAG Heuer, it provides a wide variety of fascinating forms beyond the norms that we all know and love.

Tag Heuer Luxury Watch

What makes Tag Heuer a luxury brand?

  • TAG Heuer’s making some awesome watches. They are elegant, accurate, and famous. Many of the mechanical clocks have a COSC designation, proving their superior efficiency and precision. This is also evident in many watches.
  • TAG has a long roster of brand ambassadors with actors Chris Hemsworth and Patrick Dempsey, along with other sports stars.
  • You can also introduce affiliation arrangements with the Formula 1 team of Aston Martin & Red Bull, who will have the identity of Official Watch, Official Timekeeper, and Performance Partner Team until 2021.
  • This reference to Formula 1 is very well-known in the 1950s, with #DontCrackUnderPressure.
  • Don’t interrupt the collaborations! TAG Heuer participated in numerous other motorsport competitions including the prestigious Indy 500, World Touring Car Championship/WTCC, and MXGP Championships, among others.

  1. Famous wearers: Patrick Dempsey, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Barack Obama
  2. Price range: $1,500 – $10,000+

12. Omega Luxury Watches

About Omega

Omega SA is one of the most common luxury watch brands yet, it isn’t exactly the most costly watch brands than many here-listed clockmakers. Throughout the years, they have their Seamaster watches used in important films, such as every James Bond film since Goldeneye with Pierce Brosnan and every “007” film with Craig. 

Especially renowned for its Moonwatch, the Omega Speedmaster Pro, which had its first steps on the lunar surface in the wrist of Buzz Aldrin. The prestige of this company has been brought up by the fact that NASA eligible its watches for a space mission like Apollo 11. 

Omega is also the world’s second-most recognized Swiss watch company with an international brand award of nearly 70 percent. They belong to a Swatch Group watch conglomerate.

Omega Luxury Watche

What makes Omega a luxury brand?

  • Of the many dark Omegas that have gone on over the years, its looks may not be for everybody, but a few long and mysterious retro offerings and an endless few.
  • Each metal has a unique character. OMEGA struggles to achieve abrasion resistance, magnetism, temperature, and, in particular, corrosion in its creations, with a captivating look.
  • All these characteristics are important for the production of parts like cases, bracelets, buckles, clasps, and movement components.
  • OMEGA has developed a range of unique alloys to upgrade its watch styles with distinctive new colors and increased reliability in the continuous search for material excellence.
  • Every alloy has its particular advantages innovatively, while also offering consumers a distinctive look and quality in the field of horlogers.
  • OMEGA has unrivaled ceramics know-how that dates back to 10 years. Ceramic is an inorganic, non-metallic element derived from the Greek term “Queremos” and obtained by firing at high temperatures.

  1. Famous wearers:  Daniel Craig, Elvis Presley, Steve Carrell
  2. Price range: $1,000 – $708,742

13. Ulysse Nardin Luxury Watches

About Ulysse Nardin 

The company began in 1846 with Ulysse Nardin. It was not only a watch stand at the time but quickly became one in the powerhouses of the watch industry. From classic minimalistic series built, like the San Marco Classico, to the dazzling and difficult Hour Striker, the Sonata, and the Toro GMT +/- Perpetual Calendar. The Quadrato Dual Time and Dual Perpetual Time are other modern sets.

Ulysse Nardin’s marine chronometers like the Maxi marine chronometer and their marine chronograph make Ulysse Nardin’s naval watches corner a section of timekeeping that lightens up brilliantly compared to the North Star.

These watches embody modernity with a tinge of nostalgia for the Antique. The dial recalls a compass, and in Roman, the numerals recreate the novelty of the nautical spirit.

Ulysse Nardin Luxury Watch

What makes Ulysse Nardin a luxury brand?

  • This horloger was widely applauded for its extremely precise naval chronometers. The ship’s master controllers used these automatic timekeepers to ensure that their maneuvers are perfectly paced and performed.
  • The watch must have at least -4/+6 seconds a day of minimum precision, which is highly accurate for a mechanical timepiece to attain the status of a timepiece and the classification of COSC known for its accuracy.
  • They have been perfected beautifully. Also lovely in the eye and precise in a fault. They are still very revolutionary and many are quite complex mechanical wonders. Also known for making inventions such as their Freak watches that are very off-the-box.
  • As an innovative watchmaker, numerous horological inventions and creations, such as the pulsometer, are credited with the single button chronograph.
  • Her cheapest watch is the Lady Classico 31mm model and her cheapest watch in the range has a list price of $6,800. Their best price is to be found.
  • Your most costly watches cost well over 1000,000 dollars like the 43 mm solid platinum rounded Royal Blue Mystery Tourbillon, a limited, numeric issue with only 30 parts worldwide.

  1. Famous wearers:  Michael Jordan, Larry King
  2. Price range: $2,300 – $285,000

14. Glashütte Original Luxury Watches

About Glashütte Original

Where the high-quality watches are concerned, people generally believe in Switzerland, since the majority of the pack is Swiss watchmakers. Exceptions do however exist. Glashutte Original is a Saxon/German brand, which surprises nothing, particularly in the field of mechanical engineering German engineering is known all over the world. 

Glashütte Original is one of the few German luxury brands that are truly remarkable. They are perhaps one of the industries most understated. Their watches have executed their workmanship immaculately.

They’re not only astonishing but also really well produced in their ever successful Pano series. They make many complex watches, such as swirls, chronographs, lifetime calendars, etc. The many Senator watches, the Sixties, the Seventies, PanoLunar, PanoGraph, PanoMatic, and a Lady collect which includes PanMaticLunar belong to some of Glashutte’s most famous collections.

Glashütte Original Luxury Watch

What makes Glashütte Original a luxury brand?

  • Glashutte Original is striving for excellence, as many large corporations do. Their sense of quality includes various attributes such as continuity, accuracy, and stability.
  • The Glashutte horlogers were a shortage at the time of its birth. However, the rivalry has become fierce after a century, and watch firms are plentiful.
  • Original Glashutte watches are typically a combination of ingenuity and genuineness. Originality certainly forms part of the branding of this brand!
  • Glashutte Original is an honor and appreciation for the long-term legacy that has made it what it is to date. With its deep past behind Glashutte’s reloading process. This ancient tradition of watchmaking lives on through Glashutte Original and its watches.
  • The possession of a Glashutte Original watch is a unique experience since the watch manufacturer makes just a few hundred items per year.
  • Watches are not merely contraptions that tell the story for Glashutte original; they are art pieces. Glashutte Original makes all its efforts to make a watch perfect in all its aspects.

  1. Famous wearers:  Joel McHale
  2. Price range: $4,000 – $105,000

15. IWC Schaffhausen Luxury Watches

About IWC Schaffhausen

Would be sin without a popular watch company without IWC. As one of the old luxury watch brands dating from 1869, IWC was the first watchmaker to use lightweight metal titanium in the ancient craft and is perhaps best known for the Portuguese watch range known today as the IWC Portuguese watch manufacturer. 

IWC is innovative and aims to outperform itself and others in all their watches. They are luxury watch companies that seriously produce technically complicated watches, including tourbillons, repetition minutes, moon phase, and complexities of chronological data.

IWC is also regarded as a pilot chronograph Le Petit Prince with its amazing and fashionable limited edition watches. Your watches have an amazing past and a compelling background that brings your watches to life in many ways. 

 IWC creates amazing, perfectly completed mechanical motions. While their watches are made primarily for daily use, their versions are probably precious goods for any watch collector.

Iwc Schaffhausen Luxury Watch

What makes IWC Schaffhausen a luxury brand?

  • Both the configuration of the dial and the harness are taken into account. To produce their watches, IWC depends on advanced manufacturing technologies.
  • Also, the experiments are computer programs that simulate the actions of the timer in severe, daily, and realistic circumstances.
  • The IWC subjects its watches to a host of demanding and demanding tests, such as qualification and approval (testing every conceivable everyday watch use scenario), impact test (shocks and accelerations), abrasion testing (wear and tear every day), temperature testing (extreme temperature differences from the Arctic to desert and rainforest), corrosion and ultra-lubrication testing.
  • In real-life conditions, including climbing cliffs, swimming, and playing golf, etc, IWC can also be used as “practical checks.”
  • Therefore, the assembly includes highly modernized movement part production and manual movement assembly by experienced watchmakers. So, it looks like other Swiss brands of luxury in this way.
  • That is say a final review of the watch – including automated output within 10 days – is needed for the customization. Some individual clients may also request IWC to give a watch, such as the graving, a more personal contact.

  1. Famous wearers:  Bradley Cooper, Chris Evans
  2. Price range: $3,950 – $750,000+

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Each watch we offer is professionally authenticated and comes with 12 Months LWC guarantee in the best condition internally and externally.


The Luxury Watch Company knows how important it is to ensure your watch or piece, and many people do not know the worth of their gems. The only way to ensure that you have enough insurance protection is to have them professionally valued.


Why wait for a luxurious item of your own? It might be more achievable than you thought if you own and love your designer watch. The Luxury Watch Corporation has a business connection with the V12 Retail Finance credit provider, which offers some inexpensive opportunities for financing that make your fantasies a reality. Their hassle is free and the option is immediate.

Guarantee Buy Back

All the timepieces are bought back by the Luxury Watch business. In the purchase of premium watches, you can also be vigilant to ensure buy-back issues.

Final Discussion

Luxury watches brands are the safe investment since it usually does not decrease in value. Luxury brand models such as Rolex and Patek Philippe can retain their popularity for a long time, and some can boost their value even because of low availability. Although a regular watch can last 3 or 4 years, a luxury watch may last a lifetime—even many lives when well managed and maintained. It’s a huge

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